We Lack for Nothing Now


We Lack for Nothing Now. The Czech settlement of Steele County, Minnesota. 319 pages.
Bohemia is a geographic region of mid-elevation surrounded on three sides by mountians, which separate it from Germany on the north and west, Austria to the south, and Poland to the northeast. To the southeast, it drops off to the lowlands of Moravia.
The first European settlers arrived in what would become Steele County in the summer of 1853. The territory was virgin land for European immigration. Technically these first settlers were trespassers. The Dakota tribe had ceded the land in the 1851 Treaty of Travrse des Sioux. Treaty ratification and financial payments occured in 1852, and the treaty went into full effect in February 1853.


  1. The Pioneers
  2. Civil War, Community Growth and the Rise of Institutions
  3. Coming to America
  4. 1866-1872: The Post-Civil War Boom
  5. 1875-1880: The Owatonna Czech Settlement
  6. The Southern Settlements to 1880
  7. Czech Lodges and Organizations
  • Epilogue: Fast Forward
  • Appendix A: A Brief History of the Czechs to 1848
  • Appendix B: Czech Arrivals Who Settled in Steele County
  • Appendix C: Origins of Local Czech Families
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