Pamatnik: Czech Protestant Churches in North America 1900

Panatnik Book

Pamatnik: Czech Protestant Churches in North America 1900
by Vilem Siller, Vaclav Prucha and R. M. de Castello.

Originally published in Chicago in 1900 in the Czech Language, Pamatnik documents early Czech and Slovak Protestant immigration to North America. The authors were representatives of three separate Protestant denomination in North America. The Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International (CGSI) commissioned the translation and publication of the Pamatnik book as a companion volume to Habenicht’s “History of Czechs in America”, which emphasizes the Catholic Church’s role, and Culen’s “History of Slovaks in America”.

Rev Jan and Anna Dus, CGSI members from the Czech Republic, translated this book. They have made a serious effort to retain the Czech writing style of 1900.

This hard cover book has 312 pages (6” x 9”) and includes 137 black & white photos and line drawings printed on high quality paper. A valuable research source, includes Presbyterian, Reformed, Congregational, Methodist, Baptist, and Independent Congregations. Included are churches in: New York, Maryland, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan, and Massachuetts. A typical entry includes a community description plus profiles of lay and clergy congregational organizers. This book includes an index to illustrations, a state-by-state list of the Czech Protestant congregations, an index of surnames mentioned in the book, a geographical name index, and numerous footnotes.

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