Slovaks of Chicagoland

Slovaks of Chicagoland

Slovaks of Chicagoland
By Robert M. Fasiang and Robert Magruder with a Foreward by Monsignor Joseph Semancik.

The story of Slovak Americans in Chicagoland is a tale of the American dream. In a few short years, emigrants from Slovakia with little to their names came to the United States and succeeded beyond their highest hopes. This fascinating story of rags to riches has been documented in historical photographs in Images of America: Slovaks of Chicagoland. Many Slovaks came to America with few assets, no more than a sixth-grade education, and no knowledge of the English language. They went to school and became naturalized citizens. Many took menial jobs in stockyards, steel mills, and oil refineries. They saved their money and opened grocery stores, banks, construction firms, and other businesses. Slovaks built beautiful churches, quality schools, and recreational facilities. They raised their families to be proud Americans and incorporated traditions from Slovakia into their daily lives, including the important role of religion.

Copyright 2014 by Robert M. Fasiang and Robert Magruder with a foreward by Monsignor Joseph Semancik. 127 pages.

Contents of This Book:
1. Old Country: Stary Kraj
2. Slovak Churches: Slvenske Kostoly
3. Slovak Schools: Slovenske Skoly
4. Slovak Organizations: Slovenske Organizacie
5. Notable Slovaks: Vyznacni Slovaci
6. Slovak Festivals: Slovenske Festivaly
7. Slovak Arts: Slovenske Umenie
8. Slovak Sports: Slovenske Sporty
9. Slovak Other: Slovenske Ine

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