Volume 8 Number 1 March 1996 Theme: Education

  • An Introduction to the Theme of This Issue: Education in the Czechoslovak Region
  • Jan Amos Komensky: Moravian Philosopher, Theologian and Educator
  • Czech Victims of the Eastland Catastrophe of June 24, 1915 (last names from A-L)
  • The Pinnacle of Networking Success
  • The Contributions of Maria Theresa to Education in Czechoslovakia
  • School Days in Old Bohemia
  • Northeast Bohemia Project Update
  • CGSI Certificate Number 1 is Presented to Lucille Radtke Micka
  • The First Czech Colonist in Kansas: A Great Cattle Breeder and Other Czech Pioneers
  • Two Experiences with Education in the Early Years of the Twentieth Century
  • Questions and Answers about Education in Slovakia and the Czech Republic
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Czech and Slovak Fonts, But Were Afraid to Ask
  • The Sorbs (Wends): The Smallest Slavonic Nation
  • The Librarian’s Shelf
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