Volume 11 Number 4 December 1999 Theme: The Rusyns (Ruthenians) in Slovakia

  • What is a Rusyn?
  • Some Reflections on the Future of CGSI in the New Millenium
  • Finding Your Carpatho-Rusyn Ancestral Village
  • Looking for Jan Zizka
  • Rusin Emigration to the U.S. from Slovakia
  • 1999 Conference Color Photo Spread (12 photos)
  • Slovakia’s Far East: Remains of Ruthenian culture scattered through the tiny valleys
  • Who are the Ruthenians?
  • The Librarian’s Shelf – list of books about Rusyns and more
  • Pioneer Certificates Awarded
  • The Slovak History and Culture Conference (Cedar Rapids, IA)
  • Comments on the Glassheim review of “100 Tales from Sudetenland”
  • 1999 Conference Sessions on Tape
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