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Cover of September 2019 Naše rodina

Naše rodina (2019 September)

Book Topic
Book Topic:
Genealogy Research

Issue Theme: Bohemian Glass and Its Uses

Articles include:

  • History of Bohemian Glass, Daniela Šipková Mahoney
  • A Brief History of the Potash Industry in Bohemia and Moravia in the 18th and 19th Centuries, Kate Challis
  • The Milan R. Štefánik Statue in Paulhan, France (Part 1), Michael J. Kopanic, Jr., Ph.D.
  • Information about Vassalage, Charles L. Crespi
  • Traditional Glass Bead Ornaments by Rautis Company in Northern Bohemia, Daniela Šipková Mahoney
  • 2019 Miss Czech-Slovak US Pageant, Alexandria Cerveny Sandall
  • Anna Tombazzi, Crowned 2019-2020 Miss Czech-Slovak US    
  • 1933 Silver Lake, Minnesota Visit, Ron Pulkrabek

Volume 31, Number 3