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Cover of December 2013 Naše rodina

Naše rodina (December 2013)

Book Topic
Book Topic:
Genealogy Research

Issue Theme: DNA and Genealogy

  • Czech DNA Project: Background and Update
  • Finding Your Genetic DNA Cousins One Geographic Location at a Time
  • Oral Histories Can Enhance Family Research
  • Ruthenian (Rusyn) Immigrants in Missouri’s Lead Belt
  • Youth Partnering Project to Grow Membership
  • An Unexpected Cousin Connection at Chicago Conference
  • Call for Papers: 2015 Cedar Rapids Conference
  • Blahnik Family Genealogical and DNA Research
  • History of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Slovakia, Part I
  • Webinars Come to CGSI
  • Recap of the Chicago Conference

Volume 25, Number 4