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Cover of June 1994 Naše rodina

Naše rodina (June 1994)

Book Topic
Book Topic:
Genealogy Research

Issue Theme: Language

  • Now About the Language
  • Resources for Learning Foreign Languages
  • Slovak and Czech Languages
  • Pack Them in to Green Bay: 4th Genealogical/Cultural Conference
  • Czech Names in American Records
  • Translations of Male and Female Czech Names
  • The Czech Alphabet
  • A Little Humor Helps to Learn Czech
  • A Youthful Quest Fulfilled (locating a German-Bohemian village)
  • I Found the House (locating a south Bohemian home)
  • German Dialects of Bohemia and Moravia-Silesia
  • Spillville Celebrates the Bily Brothers

Volume 6, Number 2