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Cover of June 1996 Naše rodina

Naše rodina (June 1996)

Book Topic
Book Topic:
Genealogy Research

Issue Theme: Music 

  • Slovakia’s Unique Fujara
  • Making the Most of the Census
  • The Czech Brass Bands of Kewaunee County, Wisconsin
  • The Folk, “Old time” Music of German-Bohemians
  • Old Time Music of Bohemian American Concertina Association
  • A Short History of Trojanovice from its Origin up to the Year 1900
  • Book Review: The Kuklis and Oliva Family in Bohemia
  • What’s In A Name: The Importance of Having Correct Town Spellings
  • The First Czech in Chicago
  • Chronological Order of the Foundation of Slovak Parishes in the Diocese of Scranton, PA
  • Looking for Traces of Antonin Dvorak
  • History of Music in Silver Lake (Minnesota)
  • Famous Composers from the Czech Lands

Volume 8, Number 2