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Cover of September 2009 Naše rodina

Naše rodina (September 2009)

Book Topic
Book Topic:
Genealogy Research

Issue Theme: Slovak Personalities in America 

  • Albert Paul Mamatey (1870-1923)
  • Josef Murgas (1864-1929)
  • For God and Nation: The Reverend Stefan Furdek, 1855-1915
  • Jan Pankuch’s Book and Life Events’ Role in Documenting High Impact People for Slovak Institute Files
  • Ambassador of Women to the World, Betka Papanek (8 Feb 1900-30 Nov 1995)
  • Cleveland Conference Update
  • Super Slovaks and Remarkable Rusyns
  • Information on Two Rusin Societies from Cleveland
  • Peter Vitazoslav Rovnianek: the Tenacious Slovak-American Nationalist

Volume 21, Number 3