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Message Date Commentsort descending Date
Researcher in Czech Republic 01/14/2008 kathy
A Place called Kasza 09/28/2007 Charles Krizek
Researching CHADIMA Franz ( 1825-1909) 04/18/2007 Vicente Molinos
Mikola family 08/12/2013 chris yaros
Kopp; Mildner 05/16/2013 Robyn
Kopejtko, especially in Ludina or Seliste 06/06/2012 SB Stine
Barbara Zahrobsky 04/29/2012 Laura Lomicka Simkanich
Ignatz Janisch Family & Mary Hershly 01/02/2012 Carol M
Simkova, Slovka 08/13/2011 Laura
JAUTZE 04/29/2010 Marianne
Jurinek, Spevak, Fiser, Prustuni, Marchok, Subert, Materna, Janos, Scerba, Kozak, Kalis 12/27/2009 Walter Hills
Jan Horak 1819-1892 08/18/2009 Ellen Svoboda
Looking for information on family names 03/25/2008 Diane
Family Search 09/26/2007 Shulda
Slovaks out West, Grand Forks, British Columbia 03/18/2018 Shawn Marchinek
Seeking info on my Pokorny ancestors' arrival in America (c. 1854), early family records (1860s/Chicago, IL?) 09/30/2014 Dennis (Pokorny) Dooley
Tomasek surname 04/19/2014 Anna Tomasek Farrell
Ladman DNA Project 12/26/2013 ladmanfinder
Halacek and Zajics 05/26/2012 gringagirl
Lomicka, Vaclay 04/29/2012 Laura Lomicka Simkanich
Nevluds, Hampls, Popeks, Chluds 08/09/2009 Tom Nevlud
Slovak communities in New Jersey 02/01/2009 Kathy
South Bohemia 01/03/2016 Judy Nelson
Searching for Kouril and Feiler 03/10/2008 cheryl
Surmik 04/27/2015 MLLorre
Searching for Trasak, Klecak & Holub 02/03/2015 Janishku
Ancestors from Bohemia - Fuka & Jerousek 11/02/2013 Deb Ruth
Hvezda Family from Hradischt, Lsteni , Bohemia now in America Wisda 07/25/2013 Cecelia brown
Holly, Pfleger, Kamenice Bohemia ~1800 11/06/2012 Steve
Looking for Herbaczek Family From Pilzen 04/07/2016 Frank Allen
organization 01/14/2009 Wayne Peterson
Pokrifcsak/Dicz 04/14/2015 Kaycee
Navratil, Koudelik, Kurtin surnames from Komna, Czech Republic 01/01/2015 Mike Shimeta
Reznicek in St. Louis 03/08/2014 Mary Lee Chivetta
Wassohbon where is it? 10/19/2013 Gerry Glaeve
Stolcpart Family possible in Austria 1859 04/14/2013 Arlene Rond
surmane kacurak 05/15/2012 claudia c.
Katharine (Tnarek) Hrncir, Jakob Patek, Marianna Patek 03/27/2012 DLTeeter
ISO Rosa Eva Blei b about 1870 Bohemia calif by 1891 12/01/2014 Dave 1910 US Census lists her as 12/09/2014
Karel Kopecky & Milada Zatloukalova-Kopecky 04/03/2010 Peter Kopecky 1951 can this date be correct 04/12/2010 mark.bigaouette
KALAL Single Surname Research 04/13/2007 James J Kallal 8/31/2017 08/31/2017 jamesj.kallal
KOLA, ZVANOVEC, TEYRO Czech Families 12/22/2009 Eddie R. Hajek A Hajek family “adopted” my 11/10/2010 leslie.harding
KOLA, ZVANOVEC, TEYRO Czech Families 12/22/2009 Eddie R. Hajek A Hajek family “adopted” my 11/10/2010 leslie.harding
Tadeas (Tadyas) Krivanec ancestors 07/02/2015 Mary Krivanec Buresh According to the Feb 28, 1844 07/03/2015 gsvatos
Duddah, Wasco (Wasko, Vasko) 07/23/2011 Renee Additional information – my 07/24/2011 mmknapper
Miksovic - MLCK (or Mlcek) - Bujark 06/26/2016 Ann Miksovic Ann, I have had success in 09/13/2016 jerrymartinek
Info on Oujezd, Aujezd, Ujest, and Ujezd 03/06/2011 Rich Burian Anthony, Thanks for the info. 03/21/2011 RBurianic
How do I find what city/town my ancestors were from? Chobot, Korizek, Mrkvicka, Taborsky. 02/19/2013 Maria Any info on surname Coufal 03/05/2013 paul.coufal
Svidnice, Bohemia 04/05/2010 Kevin Kronoveter Anybody have access to Leo 04/12/2010 herkybc130