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Join CGSI to build on the vast knowledge of over 3,000 members as well as the information in our quarterly publication and research collection. Our society is for those with ancestry in the Czechoslovak area, as it was in 1918, including Bohemian, German, Hungarian, Jewish, Moravian, Rusyn, Silesian, or Slovak.

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Student Membership

CGSI has introduced a student membership for the reduced price of $15. All students will receive their “New Member Handbook” and the quarterly issues of Nase rodina in electronic format.

To qualify for student membership you must be between the ages of 16 and 25 and a full time student attending school for a minimum of 5 months per year. You must provide the name of the educational institution you are attending.

To experience the benefits of CGSI membership, sign up now on our Student Membership application

Benefits of Membership

Watch this video from our March, 2017 Quarterly Program for insights into the Members Home section of our website and more.

A New Member Handbook is provided to each new member filled with information on a variety of topics, such as:

  • how to get started on your family search – the basics of where to begin.
  • research resources – where they are, who to contact, how to organize information.
  • locating living relatives in the Czech and Slovak Republics and how to contact them
  • procedures to obtain Birth, Marriage or Death certificates before and after 1900
  • organizations in the U.S. and Canada with useful genealogical resources

Nase rodina (Our Family) is our quarterly publication, sent to every member. It contains articles on research, emigration, language, traditions, history, and culture. Each issue centers around a theme. Find out more about Nase rodina. The entire archive of 30 years of the publication are available in the Member Home section of our website. That’s over 800 articles on a full range of genealogy and cultural topics.

The Education and Webinar section in the Member Home section of our website contains over 60 full-length presentations delivered at our conferences, symposiums, and quarterly programs. This is the only place you can access these unique presentations by genealogy pros from across the US, and the Czech and Slovak Republics. In addition, we are regularly adding digitized out of publication books and articles to help you in your research and cultural knowledge.

CGSI’s research collection is located at the Minnesota Genealogical Society Library, 1385 Mendota Heights Rd, Mendota Heights, MN 55120. The research collection includes many valuable research sources: maps, gazetteers, Berni rula Census Index (1654), ship passenger list books, town and village books, telephone books, fraternal organization microfilms, and over 200 family histories. Admittance to this Library is free to CGSI members. Find out more about CGSI’s Library.

Genealogical Research help is available from CGSI volunteers by mail, by email or at the library. See our Research Policy for details. Research sources that are searchable are marked with an “S” on our CGSI Books and Resources listing. CGSI volunteers staff the library every second Thursday night and the first Saturday afternoon of the month.

Research Materials are available for sale by mail, online in our Store, and at our meetings and conferences, as well as our sales table at a variety of celebrations across the US each year. Some of these items are hard to find and not available elsewhere. CGSI has translated and published a number of the books that we sell, including the History of Czechs in America and History of Slovaks in America.

Online Databases: Members can search Leo Baca’s Czech Immigration Passenger Lists, Member Surnames, the Archdiocese of Saint Paul MN Church Records, and the Karleen Chott Sheppard database. We are currently working on adding more passenger lists, member surnames and church records. The Surname Database, consists of family names our members are researching. Members are encouraged to submit their family name, location (city and country) they were born, married, died or lived in Czechoslovakia, and the location they settled in when they immigrated.

Pioneer and/or Century Family Certificates: These certificates may be applied for by descendants of immigrants from the region known as Czechoslovakia that entered the North American continent prior to 1871 (Pioneer) or 100 years prior to the date of application (Century). Learn more about Family Certificates. To apply, print out our application form. (PDF)

CGSI Message Board is where members may post and read messages regarding research, family names, place names where family lived, or resources for other researchers.

CGSI Query Board is where members may post and read queries regarding family names or family locations that they are searching.

Meetings, Symposiums, and National Conferences organized and sponsored by CGSI, feature presentations and knowledgeable speakers to help the beginner or the more advanced family researcher be more successful. Members receive the member reduced rate to attend. See Events and Festivals or Conferences and Symposiums for more information.