Professional Researchers

The following persons are known to the Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International as professional genealogists, knowledgeable in using original source records (i.e. vital records, land records, etc). Those so identified are also available to serve as guides for you on a visit to the Czech or Slovak Republics. These researchers are both fluent in the native language and in English. The society does not endorse any particular individual or organization, nor do we guarantee their work. Various CGSI members however, have used the persons mentioned.

Vladimir Bohinc dba Konekta
Areas of Specialization: Genealogical Research, Property Research, Heir Location, Search for Living Relatives, Certificates, Digital Photography, Guide Services
Ethnic Groups: Slovak, Slovene, Croation, German, Jewish, Rusyn plus others.
Geographical Areas: Slovakia, Eastern Austria, Moravia, Slovenia, Croatia. Banat and Vojvodina upon request.
Languages for correspondence: English, German, Slovak, Slovene, Serbocroat.
Address: Konekta, Dukelska 11, 915 01 Nove Mesto nad Vahom, Slovak Republic
Telephone/fax: 0421 32 7710 385
Mobile Phone: 0905 621 239

Stefan Conka
Slovak Genealogy Assistance
Professional researcher in Slovakia
Genealogical research (standard and nonstandard sources), finding living relatives, searching for heirs and beneficiaries, property research, translations, guiding, interpreting, certificates, digital photography and video (ntsc and pal) etc.
Conka Stefan
Benadova 27
040 22 Kosice

Jan Dus
Genealogical research (all existing sources; all Czech archives); Digital Photography; Computerized Output; Cadastral Maps, Creating Family Trees; Search for Living Relatives; Trips to Ancestral Villages; Picture Taking.
Languages: English; Czech; German; French.
References of clients available.
Address: Rev. Jan Dus
E. Vencovskeho 1141
Policka – 572 01, Czech Republic
Cell Phone: 011-420-731-842-248
Email: or

Jan Ebert
Czech professional genealogist and probate researcher
Areas of Specialization: Genealogical Research, Probate/Heir Research, “Lost relatives“ Research, Location of Ancestors´property, Land Records, Transcription of Texts from 16th to 20th Century, Translation, Guiding Services
Geo Speciality : former Czechoslovakia
Languages spoken and written: Czech, Slovak, English, German, Polish, Russian, Italian

Member of The Czech Genealogical and Heraldical Society in Prague

State line : +420 312 671 955
Mobil: +420 602 323 097
Address: Vinarice 5E, 273 07 Vinarice (near Prague)

Jaroslav Jansa
Professional Researcher
Goes beyond records, will visit places, take pictures, have Catholic masses said, etc.
Dolni Dobrouc 460
561 02 Czech Republic
(Works in East Bohemia only)

David Kohout
Professional Researcher since 1993
Research, translation, photos, maps, historical informations
Specializing in finding places of origin of emigrants from Bohemia
Janackovo nabrezi 57
150 00 Praha 5, Czech republic

Olga Koliskova
Specialist in Southern, Middle and Western Bohemia.
We offer the following services:
1) Creating your family tree
2) Searching for your relatives
3) Documentation of ancestor’s birth place (photos by a digital camera)
4) Guiding, interpreting
Address: Krenovice 84
398 43 Bernartice
Czech Republic
Tel: +420 776 250 290
Fax: +420 382 585 133

Dr. Miroslav (Mirek) Koudelka
Research, Translation, Guiding, Interpreting
Address: Prichystala 43
772 00 Olomouc, Czech Republic
Phone from the US:(011-420) 585-241-234
Phone from the CzR: 585-241-234
Cell phone from the US:(011-420)603-326-285
Cell phone from the CzR:603-326-285

Eduard Kovalda
P.O. Box 7
284 01 Kutna Hora
Czech Republic

Blanka Lednicka – Nase koreny
Genealogical research in all Czech archives and all existing sources incl. census, cadastral books, school reports and more. Searching for living relatives, documentation of ancestral villages. Translations of parish records, guiding services all over CZ.
Languages: Czech, English, German
Address: Olesna 2, 580 01 Havlickuv Brod, Czech Republic
Cell phone: +420 775 660 525
Email: or

Karen A. Melis, SlovakGenealogy, LLC
Researching your Slovak roots from BOTH sides of the ocean. Specializing in the former Spis County Slovakia including those villages now in Southern Poland (Polish Spisz and Podhale Regions). We also perform research across Slovakia and southern Poland.
We tailor our services to meet your needs including: genealogy research, fully documented family histories, village and church photos, land record searches, archival works of all types, DNA testing (US and in Slovakia), translations, finding present day family, and driver/translator services.
Emails: or
Address: 7007 Forrest Trail Road
Butler, Pennsylvania 16002
Phone: 412-802-5667

Peter Nagy
Research, Translation, Guiding, Interpreting, Digital Photographs
Regions: West and South Slovakia, NW Hungary, East Austria
Ethnic groups: Slovak, Hungarian, German, Jewish
Address: Cilistovska 20A, 931 01 Samorin, Slovak Republic
Phone from US: (011-421-31) 560 0641
Cellular Phone from US: (011-421-905) 490 552
Skype: papusko
Professional Website:
Personal Website:

Jiri Osanec – FAMILY ROOTS
Research, Translation, Guiding, Interpreting
(Specialization in research: North and South Moravia, Czech Silesia and East Bohemia)
Address: I. P. Pavlova 26, 779 00 Olomouc 9, Czech Republic
Phone from the US: (011-420)585-438-541
Phone from the CzR: 585-438-541
Cell phone: +420 604 928 831

Michal Razus – Slovak Ancestry
Archive Research, Ancestry Tours, Relatives Search,
Photo and Video Portfolios, and Translating and Interpreting
Michal Razus
Magurska 5
08001 Presov

Marek Rimsky – FRATELLO
Slovak educated historian and archivist, professional genealogist and
herald with years of experience
Research in Archives, reconstructing family history, creating family
trees; Ancestry Tours – co-operation with travel agency “Dovolenka”
(Holiday); digital photographs, scanned pictures, copies, translations
from foreign languages
Address: Sofijska 19
04013 Kosice, Slovak Republic
Home Page:

Together with our associates, we provide Genealogy Research for those seeking to expand their family tree, or locate relatives, and Ancestral Tours to help you visit the places where ancestors once lived and possibly Meet Relatives. We can also obtain digital copies of Archival Documents & Historic Maps, as well as providing Photography or Videotaping of your family reunion, Translation of old letters and documents, Booking of Lodging & Cultural Events, or Photography of Ancestral Towns & Villages.
Address in Czech Republic:
Na Homoli #5
143 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic
Tel in US: (360) 450 5959
Tel/Fax in CzR: (011) (420) 257 940 113
Mobil: (011) (420) 603 568 476