IGS Spring Conference 2021

IGS Spring Conference 2021 (Webinar)

Iowa Genealogical Society (IGS) presents 2021 Spring Conference (Webinar)

Saturday, May 1, 2021 at 8:30am (CDT)

Where: on your computer, tablet, or smartphone (streamed live online)

Speaker: Thomas MacEntee, National Speaker and Professional Genealogist

Iowa Genealogical Society presents their 2021 Spring Conference "Plant Your Research So You Will Know What Will Grow".

You need tools and a planting plan to grow your Family History Research garden! Join us to add some tools to your toolbox and get ideas for how / what you want to create and refine your research plan. Saturday, May 1st will provide the way forward!

(Note: Zoom meeting Login begins 8:30 am Central)

Session 1 (9:00 am Central) - How Do I Know What I Don't Know - Fast Tracking Your Genealogy Education

You have this sneaking suspicion that you’re “missing something” when it comes to researching an ancestor. How do you know what’s “out there” and whether it can help your research? And once you identify it, how can you quickly get up to speed to get the most out of that resource?


Session 2 (10:30 am Central) - Turning Genealogy Clues Into Genealogy To Dos

Does your genealogy research get bogged down when you find new clues about an ancestor? Do you stop everything and chase after that BSO ("bright and shiny object")?  Learn how to increase your research efficiency and still remember that new information for later investigation.

Lunch Break (11:30 am - 1:00 pm Central)  time to eat plus Tech Discussion with Thomas

Session 3 (1:00 pm Central) - One Touch Genealogy Research:  How to Handle a Record Just Once

Do you get so excited when you find a new record for an ancestor that you forget to collect the information you need? Does that record shine and glitter so brightly that you are blinded to other vital clues you might need? Learn the “One Pass” approach to genealogy research and never get distracted again!


Session 4 (2:30 pm Central) - Brick Wall Breakthroughs

Want to see first hand how to break through that persistent “brick wall” in genealogy? Using actual research problems submitted by webinar attendees, Thomas MacEntee will walk participants through a step-by-step research methodology process to find clues and possible solutions. Participants will have access to research logs, digital images, and more during and after the webinar. Also included is a "habit recipe" to implement the same techniques used in the webinar on your own genealogy research.

Sessions will be recorded and handouts will be provided prior to the Conference with Zoom meeting details.

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$55 (Member), $75 (Non-member)