Naše rodina & Ročenka Index


Naše rodina (Our Family) is the quarterly journal published by CGSI. Each issue contains multiple articles and stories relating to genealogy, history, and culture. CGSI members have access to digital copies of every issue published since 1989.


Below is a list of the articles published in the quarterly journal Naše rodina and in the former yearbook publication Ročenka (published until 2006). This index is updated when each issue of Naše rodina is published by CGSI.

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Issue Theme: Updates on CGSI Projects

Articles include:

  • Preserving Our Heritage: Updates on Previous CGSI Projects, Kevin Hurbanis
  • Combing CGSI Certificate Applications, Jerry Martinek
  • 2024 Cedar Rapids Symposium
  • Denni hlasatel No Longer Out of Reach, Jerry Martinek
  • Genealogists of the Present Preserving News of the Past, Stephen Baluch
  • CGSI GEDCOM Family Tree Project, Pete Landry
  • Connecting People, Places, and Resources: "Our Villages" and Theme Pages, Kevin Hurbanis
  • CGSI Cemetary Project - What Can You Learn?, Kathryn Nunvar Palmquist
  • The Family Histories Project & 300 Ways to Document Your Own Family Story, Jerry Martinek
  • Tourist photos of Slovakia, 2018




Digital Library

Issue Theme: Immigration Stories of Our Ancestors

  • Manor House in Fintice, Slovakia, Michal Razus
  • The Potštejn Feudal Estate, Eugene Aksamit
  • Lowland Registers Are Getting Closer to Descendants, Michael J. Kopanic, Jr.
  • The Estate Gross-Lippen and the Estate Netschenitz, Ginger Simek
  • Robot Obligations of a Peasant Farmer in Bohemia, Thomas D. Hovel
  • The Grand Opening of Kasigarda, the Museum of Emigration from Slovakia to North America, Mark Dillon
  • CGSI 2023, What a Conference!, Lori Berdak-Miller
  • Traveling Library Chair Hits the Bullseye: Comments from Iveta Blahútová
  • Expansion of an International Influence in Naše rodina, Paul Makousky
  • Kingdom in the Kingdom? Třeboň and other South-Bohemian Feudal Estates, Laděna Plucarová




Digital Library

Issue Theme: Immigration Stories of Our Ancestors

  • Born in Pennsylvania, raised in Slovakia, and return to the US, Tom Waseleski
  • From Moravia to Minnesota: The Journey of the František Kadlec Family, Tony Kadlec
  • Milwaukee Holiday Folk Fair International, Ann Vojta Cramer
  • Wenzel’s Trunk, Linda Schelbitzki Pickle
  • Wrestling with Eastern European Ancestry and Pinning Down Your Family, Daniel F. Stramara, Jr. Ph.D
  • A Kotval Family’s Adventure from The Kutná Hora District to New York City to Vesta, Minnesota, Pamela Kotval
  • How I recovered the Lost Story of My Great-Grandmother’s Immigration, James E. Bridgman




Digital Library

Issue Theme: Slovak and Czech Census Data

  • Using Census Data as a Guidepost to Further Research: The Austria-Hungary Census of 1890, Pete Landry
  • The 1869 Slovakia Census and the Data It Provides, Kevin Hurbanis
  • Look What we Have to Look Forward to!!!, Karen J. Nielsen Lorence
  • Finding Maria Demko: An Overview of the Slovak Census of 1930 and Brief Demonstrative Case Study, Kevin John Stefan Duska Jr.
  • Online Census Data for Moravia and Silesia, Martin Pytr




Digital Library

Issue Theme: 35th Anniversary of CGSI

  • CGSI’s 35 Years of Service to Genealogists, 1988 – 2023, Paul Makousky
  • Remembering the Life and Contributions of Garnet Bina, Paul Makousky
  • Easter Reminiscence, Iveta Blahútová
  • Memories of a Czech Family in Argentina: Music as a Bridge to Slavic Culture, Dr. Nancy Edith Rutyna
  • CGSI and the Collaborative Genealogy Experience, Kevin Hurbanis
  • From the Mississippi to Maine to the Morava: An International Genealogy Focus, Mark Dillon
  • A St. Paul Minnesota Dairyman, Candy Novak




Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czech & Slovak Mills and Millers’ Guild

  • The Power of Water - The Water Mills of Slovakia, Ron Matviyak
  • Family Mills in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, Richard J. Maresh
  • Unravelling Occupational Threads, Jean Svoboda
  • Czechs in the Northwest US, Review by Evelyn Funda
  • The Liebezeit Family’s 200 years at the Water Mills of the Mšec Area, Wesley Johnston




Digital Library

Issue Theme: Resources on the CGSI’s Members’ Only Section

  • Czech Immigration Passenger Lists Can Help Find Collateral Relatives and More, Paul Makousky
  • CGSI’s Collection of Family Histories: Revealing Culture and Offering Models, Evelyn Funda and Jerry Martinek
  • Hark the “Herald” Answers Bring, Paul Makousky
  • Hidden Gems in the CGSI Website, Anton Soukup
  • Accessing CGSI Conference Presentations Recordings from 1991 to Present, Evelyn Funda and Jerry Martinek
  • Slovak Origin of Dave Grohl, Marek Rímsky
  • New Edition of ‘Homestead’ Book Details the Struggles of Slovak Immigrants, Tom Waseleski
  • Jan M. Častek Biography (Translation of article from the Amerikán národní kalendář)




Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czechs and Slovaks Participation in World War I

  • World War I in Slovakia, 1914-1915, Michael J. Kopanic, Jr., Ph.D.
  • Reflections of WW I in the Documents of South Bohemian Archives, Laděna Plucarová (translation by Miroslav Koudelka)
  • The First World War Experiences of Juraj Danko and Peter Vasko, George Danko
  • How Wars and Politics Affect Lives of Common People, Alena Tuláčková (translation by Miroslav Koudelka)
  • Martin: A Center of Slovak Culture, John Palka
  • The Ethnically Ambiguous Results Surrounding the Post-War Trianon Treaty, Autumn Mozeliak
  • Czech Arrivals from Mexico, Leo Baca




Digital Library

Issue Theme: The Hospodář Czech Newspaper and its Publishers

  • Omaha’s National Printing Company: Jan and Rose Rosický’s Prominence in Czech American Publishing, Jennifer Kroft
  • Jan Vaculik and the Hospodář in West, Texas, Jana Riley
  • Antonín Piskač, Final Editor of the Hospodář in Omaha, Nebraska, Paul Makousky
  • Martin, Slovakia and Independence/Sugar Creek, Missouri Sister City Planning, Paul Makousky
  • CGSI Has a Genealogical Tool Found Nowhere Else: Here’s How the Project is Developing, Jerry Martinek
  • Handwriting Aids for the Czech Genealogist, June M. Sommer
  • Slovak Genealogy Reading Aids, Paul Makousky

December 2021


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Reading & Deciphering Dates in Liturgical Calendars

  • The Roman Catholic Liturgical Calendar in Czech Catholic Church Records, June M. Sommer and Mary Petersen
  • Two Christmases, Submitted by Mary Lukacs
  • Crowning Glory, Helene Baine Cincebeaux
  • 2021 Virtual Conference Connections
  • What Date Did You Say That Was?, Ilene Kanfer Murray
  • Holiday Reminiscences, Iveta Blahútová
  • Slovak Christmas Food Customs in our Family, Michael J. Kopanic, Jr., Ph.D.

September 2021


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czech and Slovak Jews

  • Milan Strnad: How a Humble Czech High School Teacher Has Been Preserving Jewish Memories, Tina Scott Edstam
  • Between Budapest and Prague: Jews in Eastern Slovakia and Transcarpathia Before and After 1918, Dr. Peter Švorc
  • Recipes Rescued from the Holocaust, Eva Moreimi
  • Further Reading on Jewish Genealogy and History
  • Language Aids for the Czech Genealogist, June M. Sommer
  • Your Family Surname May Be Maternal, Derek Hartley
  • Jews in the Rožnov Climate Spa, Vojtěch Bajer and Daniel Drapala
  • Terezín Ghetto and Hana Kleinová Frištenská, Frank Fristensky
  • The Frištenský Family in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Frank Fristensky
  • Leo Brill – The Jews in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
  • The Obscured Impact and Influence of Early Czech Jewish Settlers in Nebraska, Jennifer Kroft
  • Projekt KORENE, Renata Calfa
  • An Immigrant’s Story, Evelyn M. Cherpak
  • A Recatholization of Bohemia Story, Gene Aksamit

June 2021


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czechs, Slovaks and German-Bohemians in South America

  • Czech Immigration to Brazil, Petr Polakovič
  • Bohemian Immigration to Brazil: Meeting Minutes from 1900, Franz Oppitz (Transcribed by Ovidio Hillebrand and Translated to English by Maria Betânia Ferreira Champagne)
  • Života Praca v Argentini (Life and Work in Argentina): Memoirs of the Slovak Ethnographer Jan Onuška in South America, Nancy Rutyna
  • Argentina – About Czech Compatriots, Štěpán Zajac (Translation assistance by Iveta Blahútová)
  • Slovaks in Federative Republic of Brazil, Office of Slovaks Living Abroad
  • Immigration of German-Bohemians in Southern Brazil, Marcio Vinicius Scheibler
  • How My Moravian Great Grand-Mother Got Married in NY Weeks Before She Arrived in America - And How I Have Tried to Figure It Out, Christopher Barina Kaiser
  • Legacy of a Family in Small Town USA: River Falls, Wisconsin, Charla Kusilek

March 2021


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czechs, Slovaks, & German-Bohemians in Milwaukee/Racine

  • From The “Coasts of Bohemia” To An “Island” In Wisconsin: The Landskroner/Lanškrouner Settlement of Waterloo Township, Wisconsin, Edward G. Langer
  • Slovaks of Milwaukee and Racine Counties, Gerald Novotny and Štěpánka Korytová-Magstadt, Ph.D.
  • The Early Czechs In Caledonia, Jack Makovsky
  • Discovering The Lorenc Family Trails, Karen Nielsen Lorence
  • The Czech (Bohemian) - English Dictionaries Written By Karel Jonáš, June M. Sommer, Translation by Marcella Milcic
  • A Chance Meeting And A Full Circle Journey, Dick Pohorsky
  • Czech, German-Bohemian And Slovak Passengers To Milwaukee And Racine, Wisconsin
  • Legacy Of A Family In Small Town U.S.A. River Falls, Wisconsin

December 2020


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Genealogy and Culture Websites

  • Exploring CGSI’s Website, Kevin Hurbanis
  • A Journey Through Blanka’s Genealogy Blog, Mary Sramek-Levesque
  • Tracing Your Immigrant Ancestors With MyHeritage, Lisa A Alzo
  • A Tribute to Jiří Ošanec 1947-2020, Miroslav Koudelka
  • Slovak Pride: Connecting Families Here and Abroad for the Past 30 Years!, Helene Baine Cincebeaux
  • Polička Networking Group
  • Using Facebook as a Genealogical Tool, Robin Selvig
  • Forging a New “Czech” Community, Jann Crock
  • History, Lost and Found, Christy Banks

September 2020


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czechs and Slovaks in Massachusetts

  • From Bohemia to Bay State, The Struggles of One Czech Family in Western Massachusetts, James E. Bridgman
  • A Tale of Two Crossroads of Slovak Culture, Mark Dillon and Virginia Flynn
  • Natick Massachusetts Slovak Immigrants, Virginia Flynn
  • A Wonderful Gift, Russ Neydl
  • The Spanish Influenza Pandemic in Slovakia, 1918-1919, Michael J. Kopanic, Jr., Ph.D.
  • Potpourri of Czechs and Slovaks in Massachusetts, Paul Makousky
  • Genealogy and the Coronavirus, A Learning Experience, Bernard Michael Servais

June 2020


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Austrian/Hungarian Genealogical Records

  • The Keeping of Church Registers By the Roman Catholic and Protestant Parishes in Austria, Felix Gundacker
  • Lincoln Post-Conference Genealogy Break-Through, Paul Makousky
  • Inheritance Law in Hungary Until 1918, Erik Dirbák
  • Chicago Czechs, Country Cottages, and the 1929 Crash: A Personal Story (Part 2), Kenneth Janda
  • The Milan R. Štefánik Statue in Paulhan, France (Part II), Michael J. Kopanic, Jr., Ph.D.
  • The Righteous Among the Nations, Paul Makousky
  • Donation of Rich Historical Collection, Mark Dillon

March 2020


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Genealogists’ Most Interesting Findings

  • A Path of Coincidences Leads to the Genealogy Jackpot, Paul Makousky
  • Intriguing Items from Slovak Church Records, Kevin Hurbanis
  • The Groom’s Grandfather is the Brother of the Bride’s Grandmother, Blanka Lednická
  • Some of My Interesting Findings as a Genealogist, Michal Razus
  • Gen-Team is Celebrating Its Tenth Anniversary!, Felix Gundacker
  • Final Summation of Lincoln Conference Keynote Address, Mila Šašková-Pierce
  • Grandmother Marie Čermák Kubát and the Superlative Obituary, K.A. Kubat-Martin
  • Czech Last Name Changes, Czech-American TV
  • Chicago Czechs, Country Cottages, and the 1929 Crash: A Personal Story (Part 1), Kenneth Janda
  • Czechoslovakia: Behind the Iron Curtain: A History of Communism, Michael J. Kopanic, Jr., Ph.D.
  • Pursuing History of Battles in WWI Rusyn Carpathians, Ron Matviyak
  • A Key Resource for Moravian Research: The Lánový rejstřík, Kevin Kittilson

December 2019


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czech and Slovak DNA Studies

  • Sundays At Grandma’s, Karen A. Melis
  • Connecting with Collateral Cousins Using DNA, Karen A. Melis
  • Czech DNA Project: Current Status, Leo Baca
  • A Life Revealed: Reconstructing a Czech Father’s World War II Legacy, Tina Scott Edstam
  • Hundreds of Surnames Available for Genetic Matching in a Unique Czech Database, Marek Blahuš
  • Regional Network Session Success Stories and More, Paul Makousky
  • Genealogists Receive Royal Treatment in Lincoln, Paul Makousky
  • Czech: The Biggest Barrier in Czech Genetic Genealogy, Kate Challis
  • Finding Family is a Real Discovery of Heart Connections, Kathy Bouchard

September 2019


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Bohemian Glass and Its Uses

  • History of Bohemian Glass, Daniela Šipková Mahoney
  • A Brief History of the Potash Industry in Bohemia and Moravia in the 18th and 19th Centuries, Kate Challis
  • The Milan R. Štefánik Statue in Paulhan, France (Part 1), Michael J. Kopanic, Jr., Ph.D.
  • Information about Vassalage, Charles L. Crespi
  • Traditional Glass Bead Ornaments by Rautis Company in Northern Bohemia, Daniela Šipková Mahoney
  • 2019 Miss Czech-Slovak US Pageant, Alexandria Cerveny Sandall
  • Anna Tombazzi, Crowned 2019-2020 Miss Czech-Slovak US    
  • 1933 Silver Lake, Minnesota Visit, Ron Pulkrabek

June 2019


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Tourist Attractions in Eastern Slovakia

  • A Hidden Gem on the 49th Parallel, Branislav A. Švorc, PhD.
  • Bardejov – Pearl of Slovakia: Hidden Gem of UNESCO World Heritage, Michal Razus
  • Following in the Footsteps of Good Soldier Švejk, Ron Matviyák
  • Tokaj Wine Region, Ronald Matviyak
  • The Česká Družina Monument in Medzilaborce, Ronald Matviyak
  • A CGSI Member’s Maiden Journey to East Slovakia, Paul Makousky
  • History of the Czechs in Du Bois, Nebraska, Albert Panec
  • History of the Czechs in Freeborn County, Minnesota, Susan Cherney

March 2019


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czechs and Slovaks in Nebraska

  • History of Czech Settlement in Verdigre and Vicinity in Knox County, Paul Makousky
  • Slovenská Prisťahovala: A Journey to America, ZitaAnne Reno
  • How Did the Early Czech Immigrants Travel to Saline County, Nebraska?, Gene Aksamit
  • A Golden Moment in Family Tree Building, Joanie Holzer Schirm
  • Featuring the Town of Wilber, Nebraska, Cody Sperl
  • Spiš County, Slovakia: Class and Cultural Differences that Shaped My Family Tree, Alice Mann
  • Territorial Extent of Valach Colonization in Moravia During Second Half of the 17th Century, Dr. František Dostál

December 2018


Digital Library

Issue Theme: CGSI’s 30 Years of Service to Genealogists

  • 30 Year Chronological History of CGSI, Paul Makousky
  • The Advancement of Genealogy Resources, Suzette Steppe
  • How Do I Love Thee, CGSI! Let Me Count the Reasons Why, Melda Boyd
  • Genealogy Bites, Jerry Martinek
  • Profiling CGSI's Board Members, Melda Boyd
  • On the Life of the Old Shepherds from Radhošť and Surroundings, Bohumír Strnadel
  • A Life Well Taught: Martin Votruba +November 23, 2018
  • Royal Cities of Bohemia, Gene Aksamit
  • Historic Central Kansas Czechs, Steve Parke

September 2018


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Unexpected Communities of Slovak Settlement in the U.S.

  • The Early History of South Elmdale Congregational Church, Milton Reimer
  • The Slovaks in Roslyn, Washington, Rosie Bodien
  • Slovak (Prairie County), Arkansas, Jamie Metrailer
  • Hooks Farm Through the Generations, Beth (Hooks) Lewis
  • Visiting Clergy From Oklahoma to Slovactown 1916, translated by Ron Matviyak
  • Our Czech History, Jaromir Strumfa
  • CGSI Loses Two of Its Prominent Volunteers, Paul Makousky
  • Profiling CGSI’s Board Members, Mike Kudlac
  • Following Papa to America, Margaret Nasta
  • A Look Ahead to the 2019 Lincoln Conference, Paul Makousky

June 2018


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czechs in South Dakota

  • Bon Homme and Yankton County Czech Migration: Troubles, Trials, and Triumphs, Dennis L. Povondra
  • Czechs Settling in Brule County, South Dakota, Wayne Woodraska
  • Wonders Never Cease, John Adam
  • Autobiography of John J. Yirsa, Translated from Hospodář Vol. XLIII No.1 January 5, 1933
  • Slovaks in the Diocese of Harrisburg, Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. Kujovsky
  • What Tales Those Pages Can Tell!, Jerry Martinek
  • A Life-Long Journey, Fred Simon

March 2018


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Meanings and Sources for Czech and Slovak Surnames/Village Names

  • Surnames in Slovakia, Michal Razus
  • Names of the Czech Villages and Towns They Came From, Miroslav Koudelka and Hana Koudelková
  • Collecting Church Histories, a 30-Year Passion, John Schweich
  • Household Surnames in the Czech Past, Blanka Lednická
  • Historic Northeast Kansas Czech Settlements, Steve Parke
  • Tips on How to Write to Your Czech Relatives, Nancy Anderson
  • Slovak Cemeteries with Completed Transcriptions of Tombstone Inscriptions, Milan Šišmiš

December 2017


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czech and Slovak Cemeteries

  • Among the Gravestones: My Quest for Family in Prague, Carol Jean Smetana
  • The Living Celebrate the Dead in Slovakia’s Cemeteries, Helene Baine Cincebeaux
  • The Final Resting Place of the Nation’s Finest, Marie & Tom Zahn
  • Czech Cemeteries, Now and Before, Martin Pytr
  • How to Search On-Line Cemeteries in Slovakia, Barb Golias
  • Unique Hand-Drawn Family Trees from Slovakia, Martin Cubjak
  • Following the Kansas Czech Trail: Research Resources for the Historic Kansas Czech Settlements: Part I – Sources with a Broad Stroke, Steve Parke
  • Mother of Nations, Hana Koudelková

September 2017


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Noble Families and Peasants/Serfs

  • Bohemian Noble Families, Gene Aksamit
  • Nobility in Upper Hungary (Slovakia), Michal Razus
  • Bohemian Serfs, Gene Aksamit
  • Bohemian Serfs – The Village Headman, Gene Aksamit
  • Bohemian Serfs – Social Disciplining (Or So Every Subject Knows How to Behave), Gene Aksamit
  • Slovak Peasants in Hungary Prior to World War I, Kenneth Janda
  • A Viewpoint from Across the Table: Judging the Miss Czech-Slovak US Pageant, Paul Makousky
  • From Myjava to America: A Slovak Journey, Louis Baum
  • Oldest Bohemian?, James J. Kallal
  • Civil War Pension File Tells the Story of a Marriage, Mary Lee Chivetta

June 2017


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czech Settlements in Idaho

  • Czechoslovakian Culture in the Buhl–Castleford Area, James R. Gentry
  • My Slovak Grandfathers in Pennsylvania, Jean Ivanco Cook
  • Little Falls – “Second” Myjava, Michal Maliarik
  • Education in Early Bohemia, Gene Aksamit
  • Czech and Double Czech of Idaho II – Z.Č.B.J. / W.F.L.A. Lidice – Lodge No. 208 Nampa and Surrounding Area, Matilda Machacek
  • Profiling the Village of Chmeľová (formerly Komloša), Slovakia, Paul Makousky

March 2017


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Slovaks, Rusyns, and Czechs of Western Pennsylvania

  • Rusyn Roots, A History of Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic Church in McKees Rocks, PA, Dean Poloka
  • The Protestants, Catholics, and Freethinkers of Bohemian Hill, Carol Hochman
  • Milan Alexander Getting and the Czechoslovak Concept, Carol Hochman
  • My Dad's Journey to Western Pennsylvania, Carol Rumisek Noel
  • Staré zločiny / Old crimes, Jan Ebert
  • Discovering Duquesne's Slovak and Rusyn Cluster Communities, Lisa A. Alzo

December 2016


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Genealogical Repositories in Prague

  • American Czechs and Vojta Náprstek, Milena Secká / translated by Marcella Milcic
  • A Guide to the National Archives Collections for the Family Researchers, Lenka Matušíková
  • Genealogical Resources in the Prague City Archive, Tomáš Biskup
  • Family History Research in the Fonds of the State Regional Archives in Prague, Martin Sovák
  • The Construction and Development of Hessoun Orphanage - Part II, Hynek Dostál

September 2016


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czech and Slovak Land Records

  • Land Records In Slovakia, Michal Razus
  • In Search of My Ancestors’ Lives in Muráň, Muránska Dlhá Lúka, and Murány Lehota, Slovakia: Part II – The Search for Living Relatives, Marianne Booms Szabo
  • Czech Land Registers (Pozemkové knihy), Martin Pytr
  • Hessoun Bohemian Catholic Orphanage in Fenton, St. Louis County, Missouri, Mary Petersen
  • The Construction And Development of Hessoun Orphanage, Hynek Dostál
  • Kevin J. McNamara, Dreams of a Great Small Nation: The Mutinous Army that Threatened a Revolution, Destroyed an Empire, Founded a Republic, and Remade the Map of Europe [Review], Kenneth Janda
  • The Population of Czechia Has Slightly Grown, Miroslav Koudelka
  • The People of Slovakia, Michal Razus
  • A CGSI Tribute to Czech Genealogist Pioneer Margie Sobotka, 1922-2016, Paul Makousky

June 2016


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Families and Geography of the Polička Region

  • Polička, an Important East Bohemia Market Town, Al Kranz
  • List of Inhabitants of Villages on the Municipal Domain of the City of Policka From 1829, Karel Kysilka
  • Telecí, Village of My Ancestors, Past and Present, Katherine Roushar Jorgenson
  • The Pouls of Korouhev, Patricia Novak
  • The History of a Bohemian Village: Borová, Paul Makousky
  • In Search of My Ancestors’ Lives in Muráň, Muránska Dlhá Lúka, and Murány Lehota, Slovakia: Part I – Brick Walls and Village Histories, Marianne Booms Szabo
  • Lukasova Lípa (Singing Linden Tree) and our Dvořák’s of Telecí Story, JoAn Ferguson and Sharon Broman
  • History of the Village of Široký Důl near Polička, František Flídr and Miloslav Brokl Jr. / Translated by Jaroslav Fiala

March 2016


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Carpatho-Rusyn Settlements in Eastern US

  • The Rusyn Communities of Pottstown and Mont Clare, PA, Dr. Michele Parvensky
  • Seigniorial Registers at the Třeboň Archive, Lee A. James
  • Carpatho-Rusyns in Connecticut: High Drama in a Small State, Richard D. Custer
  • Carpatho-Rusyn Fraternals: Their Origins, History, and Present Present State, John T. Schweich
  • Hints for reading records in Church Matriky, Judy Nelson

December 2015


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Passenger List Search Sources

  • Beyond The Arrival Date: Examining Other Clues in US Passenger Lists, Lisa A. Alzo
  • A One-Step Portal for On-Line Genealogy, Paul Makousky
  • Chods – The Border Guards, Gene Aksamit
  • Nanticoke, Pennsylvania Slovaks, Christine Antolik Miller
  • Czech and German Surnames of Czechs, Jan “Hansi” Ebert
  • U.S. Immigration Via Quebec, Gene Aksamit
  • Using Lesser Known Passenger Arrival Sources to Locate Your Ancestor(s), Judy Nelson and Paul Makousky

September 2015


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Introduction to the Slovak Archives

  • The State Archives in Prešov, Milan Belej
  • Possibilities of Genealogical Research in Košice Regional Archives, Marek Rímsky
  • The Slovak National Archives – Eight Centuries of Slovak History Knowledge, Daniela Tvrdoňová and Jana Kafúnová
  • The National Shrine of the Infant Jesus of Prague in Prague, OK, Claude and Helen Duchon
  • Pilsen, Marion County, Kansas, Judith Biehler Pasch

June 2015


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czech and Slovak Folk Art and Artisans

  • Where there’s a Slovak, there’s a Song! Master Folk Instrument Maker Tibor Koblicek, Helene Baine Cincebeaux
  • Learn to Play the Fujara & Koncovka, Connect with your Roots, & Have the Best Vacation of Your Life!, Bohuslav “Bob” Rychlik
  • Slavia, Florida and a Famous Slovak Founder
  • Czeching Out the Art of Bobbin Lacemaking, Carol Hilliger
  • Henryville Township, Renville County, Minnesota Czech Civil War Soldiers, Marcie Dworshak
  • A Snip here, a Snip there Scissor Cut Glory! Kornelie Němečková and the Art of Vystřihovánky, Helene Baine Cincebeaux
  • Kraslice: Colorful decorated eggs reflct richness of Czech & Slovak Folk Art, Daniela Šipková Mahoney
  • History of Czech Settlement in Iowa Part II – Northern Iowa, Mike Prohaska

March 2015


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czechs in Iowa

  • History Of Czech Settlement In Iowa: Part I – Southern Iowa, Mike Prohaska
  • Bugas Family in Frontier Wyoming, Joseph J. Hornack
  • Reflections of a Descendant of Iowa Czech Immigrants, Judy Nelson
  • Czech It Out... in Cedar Rapids, Judi Pohorsky
  • Nový Hrozenkov – History, Miroslav Koudelka
  • District Hradisch Valuation District – Number 15 Taxation District – Wsetin (Vsetín) Cadastral – Appraisal - Record Of the Village Hrosenkau Neu (Nový Hrozenkov)
  • Autobiography of František Šwehla (Švehla), Francis J. Swehla

December 2014


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czechs, Rusyns, and Slovaks of Alabama

  • The Czechs of Gulf Coast Alabama, Melda H. Boyd and Gary M. Boyd
  • Brookside, AL; An Early and Improbable Slavic Outpost in the Deep South, John Schweich
  • Václav Mildorf: From Bohemia to Alabama, Melda H. Boyd and Gary M. Boyd
  • Language Aids for the Czech Genealogist, June M. Sommer
  • Fašiangy (Shrovetide Prelenten Carnival Time), Michael J. Kopanic, Jr., Ph.D.
  • Bethlehem Bohemian Congregational Church in St. Louis, Missouri, June M. Sommer
  • Keeping Czech Culture Alive: The Baldwin County Polka Band, Melda H. Boyd and Gary M. Boyd

September 2014


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czech and Slovak History

  • Wallachs and the Great War, Zdeněk Pomkla
  • Anti-Habsburg Nobility Uprisings 1604-1711, Michal Razus
  • Basic Reading of Czech Church Records – Part II, Wesley Johnston
  • The Making of a National Hero: A Book Review, Carol Jean Smetana
  • Tombstone Project in Butler County, Nebraska, Carolyn Rejda Dvorak
  • The Altar of Our Freedom: Czech-American Service and Sacrifice in the American Civil War    

June 2014


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Key Websites for Czech and Slovak Genealogy

  • Databases, Documents, and DNA Matches: New Online Resources for Slovak Genealogists, Lisa A. Alzo
  • Basic Reading of Czech Church Records – Part I, Wesley Johnston
  • Story of a Civil War Photo, David Pavelka
  • Websites Useful for Czech Genealogical Research, Judy Nelson
  • Peasantry Levels, Occupations and Personal Descriptions found in Czech Records, Judy Nelson
  • Beginning Czech Genealogy Research: Oh The Sites You Will See!, Scott Phillips

March 2014


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czechs, Slovaks, and Rusyns of Colorado

  • Czech Settlers in Colorado – The First Half Century, Nancy K. Prince
  • Ancient Gold Mines in Jeseníky Mountain Area, Czech Republic, Martin Pytr
  • Slovaks and Carpatho-Rusyns in Colorado: Miners, Mill Workers, Ranchers, Nancy Prince
  • The Nonat Healing Salve Returns, Paul Makousky
  • History of the Jews in Bohemia, Petr Husták
  • History of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Slovakia, Part II, Carol Cikanek Claybaker
  • History of the Byzantine Catholic Church in the Western U.S., Father Christopher Zugger

December 2013


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Issue Theme: DNA and Genealogy

  • Finding Your Genetic DNA Cousins One Geographic Location at a Time, Karen A. Melis
  • Oral Histories Can Enhance Family Research, Bruce A. Vlk
  • Ruthenian (Rusyn) Immigrants in Missouri’s Lead Belt, June M. Sommer
  • An Unexpected Cousin Connection at Chicago Conference, Dottie Kokes Speidel
  • Blahník Family Genealogical and DNA Research, Lori M. Dollevoet
  • History of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Slovakia, Part I, Carol Cikanek Claybaker

September 2013


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Issue Theme: Ancestral Occupations in Slovakia

  • Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker... What our ancestors did to earn their daily bread, Helene Cincebeaux and Andrej Stelmak
  • From Flax to Linen: Pre-Industrial Textile Production in the Czech and Slovak Lands, Kevin Hurbanis
  • Searching the 1891 Industry and Trade Directory of Hungary, Kevin Hurbanis
  • Occupations of the Landless Peasantry in Slovakia, Diana L. Druback
  • World War II Stories Emerge From the Chinese Lacquer Boxes, Dottie Speidel
  • The History of Firefighting in Slovakia, Kevin Hurbanis
  • Chicago’s Worst Tragedy Occurred in the Chicago River, Alberta Adamson
  • Ruthenian (Rusyn) Immigrants in St. Louis, Missouri, June M. Sommer

June 2013


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Issue Theme: Czechs in the Civil War

  • Czech Soldiers in the American Civil War: Previous Research and New Perspectives, Marek Vlha
  • Pro Novou Vlast – Bohemian Civil War Veterans and Their Monument at Chicago’s Bohemian Nat’l Cemetery, Carol Jean Smetana
  • St. Louis Czechs First in Action, June M. Sommer
  • Becherov, Slovakia – History, Demeter Kokosh
  • Steele County Czechs in the Civil War, Michael Wolesky
  • Lidice Monument in Need of Repair, Toni Brendel

March 2013


Digital Library

Issue Theme: CGSI’s 25th Anniversary

  • 25 Years of Accomplishments of CGSI, Paul M. Makousky
  • How Genealogy and CGSI Has Changed My Life, Mark Vasko Bigaouette
  • My Experiences in Slovak Genealogy, Joseph J. Hornack
  • CGSI Family Certificate Program
  • Reflections of a Czech Genealogist, Leo Baca
  • My Reflections on CGSI and Genealogy, Gene Aksamit
  • A Call for Volunteers – Slovak Electronic Resources in FamilySearch, Mike Servais
  • Tribute to Fellow CGSI Member Karleen Chott Sheppard, Paul Makousky
  • Researching in Genealogy, Margie Sobotka
  • A Multi-generational Slovak American Saga: Review of “A Country Lost, Then Found: Discovering My Father’s Slovakia” by Rick Zednik, Ann Johnson
  • From Malcov to Charleroi, PA, L. Charles Westervelt
  • Traces of the Bednasek Family Lodge Trail, Steve Parke

December 2012


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Issue Theme: Czechs and Slovaks in Chicago

  • A Historical Look at Czech Chicagoland, Frank S. Magallon
  • Moving to Chicago, One Family’s Story, K.A. Kubat-Martin
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church of Dr. Martin Luther, Chicago, IL, Chris Bohus
  • Early Slovaks in Chicago, Paul M. Nemecek
  • The Church of St. Mary of Bechyn (MN) Book Review, Jeanne Wertish
  • Chicago’s Grand Crossing Czech  Community, Wesley Johnston
  • St. Peter’s Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Monkey Run, Missouri, June M. Sommer
  • Meeting Jan Hus in Praha, Janet Vrba

September 2012


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Using Online Czech and Slovak Archive Records

  • Researching Czech pre-1900 Church Records Online, Wesley Johnston
  • Slovak Archives Research for Dummies, Terri Simco DiCarlo
  • Interview of Oľga Glosíková on the Rusyn Museum in Prešov, Michal Razus
  • Wilber, Nebraska’s Czech Cultural Center Nears Completion, Sherry Marks
  • Research in the Zámrsk Regional Archives – From the Comfort of Home, Lisa Minogue
  • Finding Your Slovak Roots Online: Super Sources and Search Secrets, Lisa A. Alzo

June 2012


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Issue Theme: Slovaks and Rusyns in New Jersey

  • The Slovaks of Newark, New Jersey, Diana L. Druback
  • I Remember Grandpa, Maryann Andrascik Forster
  • Carpatho-Rusyn Immigrants’ New Homeland – and Their Own City!– In New Jersey, Richard Custer
  • Slovaks in New Jersey: An Overview, Michael J. Kopanic, Jr.
  • Experiences of a Bohemian Emigrant Family, Ferdinand F. Doubrava

March 2012


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Probate Records and Wills

  • When there’s a Will, there’s a Way, Paul Makousky
  • How to Find Your Ancestors in Probate Records and Wills, Lisa A. Alzo
  • Emigration Story in 1850s from Hamburg to America, Rebekka Geitner
  • The Treasures That Await Us, Scott Phillips
  • Gross Île, Quebec as an Immigration Point, Paul Makousky
  • First Summer in South Dakota, Chapter VII, Rev. František (Francis) Pokorný
  • Makota Surname Project, Daria Valkenburg

December 2011


Digital Library

Issue Theme: LDS Resources for Genealogists

  • The ABC’s of FamilySearch.org, Glenn Schmitt
  • Czech and Slovak Resources at the Family History Library (except digitized), Sylvie Pysnak
  • History of the CGSI Website, Bob Bina
  • Czech and Slovak Electronic Resources in FamilySearch, Shon Edwards
  • The History of the Czech and Slovak Baptists in North America, Natasha Laurinc
  • Finding Semon/Simon/Symon Family in Northeast Bohemia, Dee Semon

September 2011


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czechs in North Dakota

  • 46°4’29” N 97°8’59” W: How Did Genealogy Ever Bring Me Here?, Scott Phillips
  • Czech Settlements in North Dakota, Paul Makousky
  • Gustav Frištenský, 1879-1957, Preserving the Czech Legend, Frank Fristensky
  • Professor Jozef Novák’s 80 Year Anniversary, Marek Rimský
  • History of Sokol Saint Louis, Marcella Milcic
  • The Beginning of Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Church of Bechyně, North Dakota, Paul V. Švercl

June 2011


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Issue Theme: Czechs and Slovaks of St. Louis

  • Bohemian Literary Society of St. Louis, June M. Sommer
  • Holy Trinity Slovak Parish in St. Louis, Missouri, June M. Sommer
  • Roslyn, Washington Cemeteries, Richard “Dick” Watts
  • Remembering Our Mutual Friend, Franz “Frank” Soural, 1932-2011, Paul Makousky
  • A Bohemian Family Comes to Jefferson Count, Missouri, Charles Nahlik
  • A Pipe in a Trunk, Joseph Krenik
  • Czech Peasant and Emigration Museum of Kojákovice, Robert Dulfer

March 2011


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Guilds: Masters and Apprentices

  • Sweet Story: The Honey-cake Makers’ Guilds, Helene Baine Cincebeaux
  • Craft Guilds in North Moravia, Jan Štěpán
  • Czech Guilds and Genealogy, Eduard Kovalda
  • Czech and Slovak Research at St. Louis County Library: Online Resources, Larry D. Franke
  • Czech and Slovak Research at St. Louis County Library: Print Resources, June M. Sommer
  • Warmth & Style: Furriers Dressed Nobles and Peasants, Helene Baine Cincebeaux
  • Guilds in Pentapolitana, Michal Razus
  • Lakewood, Ohio’s “Birdtown” – an Early Slovak Enclave, Marianne Booms Szabo
  • Using Facebook for Genealogy Research, Tony Kadlec

December 2010


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Slovak Lutherans in America

  • St. Lucas and Affiliated Slovak Lutheran Churches, Joyce Kolnik
  • Jaroslav Vajda: Poet Laureate of the Hymn World, Carol Cikanek Claybaker
  • A History of the Holy Emmanuel Slovak Lutheran Church, Paul Makousky
  • Ss. Peter & Paul Church Serving Slovak Lutherans in Chicago for More Than 100 Years, Kevin Hurbanis
  • A Complicated Example of a Changing Bohemian Surname, Lee A. James
  • St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Cudahy, Wisconsin
  • Ss. Cyril and Methodius Parish in East St. Louis, Illinois, June M. Sommer

September 2010


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Family History and Documentation

  • Finding “Michael Finch” – Part I, Lisa A. Alzo
  • The Emigration Saga of the Family of Tomáš Kohou, Lee A. James
  • Aleksander Dukhnovych, Priest, Historian, Publisher, Milan Belej
  • The Bohemian Jews of St. Louis, June M. Sommer
  • The Roma of Moravia and of Silesia, 1740-1945, Ctibor Nečas

June 2010


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Glass Production Industry

  • History of Bohemian Glassmaking, Donna Prepejchal
  • Czech Republic Archive Records Available On-line
  • Hennepin County Minnesota Marriage Records, Paul M. Makousky
  • History of Glassworks in Slovakia, Czechoslovak Glass Review
  • Made in Czechoslovakia, Rosie Bodien
  • Czechoslovakian Perfumes 101, Rosie Bodien
  • My Chodsko, Václav Mls
  • Slovglass Poltár, a Tradition in Glass Production, Slovglass Poltár, S.r.o
  • Five Strategies for Finding Female Ancestors, Lisa A. Alzo

March 2010


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czech and Slovak Surnames

  • A Genealogist’s View of Czech Family Names, Miroslav Koudelka
  • Etymology of Selected Slovak Surnames and Their Latin and Hungarian Variants, Michal Razus
  • St. Peter and St. Paul Orthodox Church in Burr Ridge, Illinois
  • The Name Game: Five Tips for Researching Slovak Ancestors, Lisa A. Alzo
  • Recording Voices and Documenting Memories of Czech and Slovak Americans, Rosie Johnston
  • Recipe for Finding a Cousin: How a 3 x 5 Card Helped Me to Find a Relative at the 2009 CGSI Conference, Annette K. Thompson
  • Tips for Searching the New CGSI Databases, Al Kranz
  • Bostonians Finally Succeed in Discovering Their Czech Roots, Stephen Hrones
  • The Surprise of Genealogy, Kristine Kadlec

December 2009


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Earliest Slovak and Czech Fraternals in the USA

  • Since 1854: America’s Fraternal Benefit Societies Start with the Czechs in St. Louis, Deborah Zeman
  • Baba and Bobálky: A Slovak Family Christmas, Lisa Alzo
  • Wedding Contracts in 19th Century Bohemia, Gene Aksamit
  • Finding Bala, Joanie Holzer Schirm
  • The Beginnings of Slovak Fraternal Societies in the U.S.A., Michael J. Kopanic, Jr.

September 2009


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Slovak Personalities in America

  • Albert Paul Mamatey (1870-1923), Gregory Ference
  • Jozef Murgaš (1864-1929), Gregory Ference
  • For God and Nation: The Reverend Štefan Furdek, 1855-1915, Michael J. Kopanic, Jr.
  • Jan Pankuch’s Book and Life Events’ Role in Documenting High Impact People, Joseph J. Hornack
  • Ambassador of Women to the World: Betka Papánek (8 Feb 1900 – 30 Nov 1995), Katarína Michálková
  • Super Slovaks and Remarkable Rusyns, Lisa A. Alzo
  • Information on Two Rusin Societies from Cleveland, John Sabol
  • Peter Vitazoslav Rovnianek: the Tenacious Slovak-American Nationalist, Michael J. Kopanic, Jr.

June 2009


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Immigration of South Bohemians to the Midwest

  • “. . . this place . . . “ Spillville, Iowa Přichá zeli Zdaleka: A South Bohemia Connection, Michael F. Klimesh
  • Stories from the dusky hour: When Czech Villagers talked about those who left, Olga Černá and Robert Dulfer
  • Chicago Settlers from Třeboň area Villages, Diane K. McClure
  • Beckoned to a New Land, Marlene Flory
  • The Founding of the Group Libuše, Anna Machovská

March 2009


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Ethnic Churches’ Role in Genealogy

  • Divine Intervention: A Tale of Three Ethnic Churches and a Flock of Ancestors, Lisa A. Alzo
  • Faith Presbyterian Church of Minnetonka: “The Friendly Church on the Hill”, David L. Pavelka
  • “A Cleveland Legacy - Immigration History at the Western Reserve Historical Society”, John J. Grabowski
  • Viktorka, Nadia Grosser Nagarajan
  • V Pittsburghů, Študujem po Slovenský: Summer Slovak Studies in Pittsburgh, Susan Casey

December 2008


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Bohemians and Moravians in Kansas

  • The Voda Road People: The Trego County Kansas Czechs (1878-1930), Steve Parke
  • The Czech and German Pioneers of the Big Timber Community, Harwood G. Kolsky
  • Visualizing SIL; the Slovak Institute and Reference Library Homepage, Joseph J. Hornack
  • Slovak-Americans in the Great Steel Strike, M. Mark Stolarik
  • Finding Your Elusive East European Ancestors: 10 Myths Busted, Lisa A. Alzo

September 2008


Digital Library

Issue Theme: U.S. Land Records Used for Genealogy

  • Learning About Your Family History in Homestead Records, Gene Aksamit
  • Perusing Pennsylvania Land Records: Printed Sources and Web Sites, Lisa A. Alzo
  • Baltimore Česka vesnice (Czech Village), Margaret Supik
  • Mapping Your Family History through Land Records, Paul Makousky
  • Where our Heritage was born: Czechs in Virginia find their ancestral village, Marie Blaha Pearson

June 2008


Digital Library

Issue Theme: 20th Anniversary Issue

  • 20 Years of Accomplishments of CGSI, Paul M. Makousky
  • A 20 year history of dedication...how and why the Society got started, Mark (Vaško) Bigaouette
  • Remembering Your Roots: The Role of Ethnic Genealogical Societies in Family History Research, Lisa A. Alzo
  • Discovery of My Family in Slovakia, Timothy B. Lyons
  • Genealogy Themes Can Assist You in Your Research, Paul M. Makousky
  • The Power of DNA, Ugo Perego
  • CGSI’s Family Certificate Awardees 1996-2008

March 2008


Digital Library

Issue Theme: German Ports/ Shipping Companies

  • Bremen and Hamburg: The Ports, Shipping Companies, and Agents, Maralyn A. Wellauer-Lenius
  • Using the Hamburg Passenger List Database at Ancestry.com, Lisa A. Alzo
  • Locating Immigrant Ship Pictures, Leo Baca
  • Chronological History of the Hamburg Amerika Line and its Ships, 1847-1906, Paul Makousky
  • German Terms Found on Passenger Ship Manifests, Paul Makousky
  • The 1715 Tax List in Slovak Family History Research, Margo L. Smith
  • Franz Josef, Emperor of Austria and Apostolic King of Hungary, Clair Haberman

February 2008

Special Edition

Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czech Archives

  • The Czech Network and its less well-known holdings for Genealogical Research, Dr. Lenka Matušíková
  • Bohemia after the Thirty Years War: Historical sources Deposited in the National Archives in Prague, Dr. Lenka Matušíková

December 2007


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Advice to Genealogists Traveling to the Homeland

  • Plans and Surprises: The Perfect Balance for an Unforgettable Trip to Slovakia, Susan Casey
  • Independent Travel to the Czech and Slovak Republics, Dave Pavelka
  • A Short Biography of Thomas Michael Becvar, 1881-1966, Vlasta Bečvářová Barber
  • Driving in the Czech and Slovak Republics, Mark Vaško Bigaouette
  • After the Interview: Beginning Genealogy Column, Lisa A. Alzo
  • How to Avoid the Cultural Shock in Czechia, Miroslav Koudelka
  • Božena Nĕmcová, Nadia Grosser Nagarajan
  • A Family Reunion With a Different Twist, Kevin Belka
  • A Marathon Visit to Bohemian Villages, Debra Minář Driscoll

September 2007


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czechs and Slovaks in the Pacific Northwest

  • The Bohemian Settlement of Malin, Oregon, Paul Makousky
  • Oral History Made Easy, Lisa A. Alzo
  • Scio - Where Czech is Good as Cash, Bob Frolik
  • The Czechs and Slovaks in Washington State, Rosie Bodien
  • The Slovaks in Roslyn, Washington, Rosie Bodien
  • Eastern Canadian Ports of Entry for Immigrants as the multitude of Europeans experienced them in the 19th Century, Franz Gerhard Soural

June 2007


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Gazetteers and Maps as Research Tools

  • Using The Ortslexikon Sudetenland to Find Village Names, Paul Makousky
  • Where Is That? Utilizing Place Name Guides to Find Your Ancestral Village, Lisa A. Alzo
  • Gundacker’s Online Gazetteer of Austria, Czech Republic and Slovenian Republic, Paul Makousky
  • The Story of Josef Morawetz, Michal Morawetz
  • What’s Available in the Zemĕpisný Lexikon ČR?, Paul M. Makousky
  • St. Wenceslaus’s Bells Ring Once Again, Margaret Supik
  • The Early History of Litomyšl, Minnesota, Michael Wolesky

March 2007


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Ethnic Minorities in the Czech and Slovak Republics

  • The Tatra Highlanders: The Górale of Galicia and Slovakia’s Orava, Liptov and Spiš Counties, Paul K. Bingham
  • Minorities in Slovakia, Vladimir Bohinc
  • The Kingdom of Bohemia (Das Königreich Böhmen), Ginger Simek
  • Village Life in Old German Bohemia, Karen Hobbs
  • “If You Don’t Want Them, Shred Them”, Lisa A. Alzo
  • František Válek, A Moravian Potter and Farmer, Soňa Švancarovál

December 2006


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Jewish Genealogy

  • There Once Was A World: Brief history of former Jewish communities in the towns of Loštice, Mohelnice and Úsov, Ludĕk Štipl
  • The Cultural Heritage of the Jewish People in the Czech Land, Nadia Grosser Nagarajan
  • Prešov – Centre of Northeastern Slovakia and its Past, Milan Belej
  • Czech Students Honored for their Essays, Dottie Speidel
  • John Kerry’s Family History as an example of Search for Jewish Ancestry, Jiří Ošanec
  • My Family History (Slovak Essay), Viktória Tóthová
  • Celebrating Our Heritage, Rosie Bodien
  • Ready, Set, Research!, Lisa Alzo

September 2006


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czech and Slovak Language and Cultural Camps and Schools

  • Passing The Torch: Rekindling the Flame of Czech & Slovak Heritage, Louise Jansen Wessinger
  • Všude Čech bratra má: Czech Language Course for Krajani at Dobruška, Margaret Supik
  • Out of This Furnace, Pavel Tyrpak
  • Wisconsin Historical Society: A Treasure Chest of Genealogical Resources, Lori B. Bessler
  • Bohemian Land Records of the Krajnik Family, Paul Makousky 
  • Folk Dress in the Czech Republic: Its Roots, Evolution and Present State, Hana Konečná and Milan Konečný
  • Studia Academica Slovaca – Forty Years of Teaching Slovak, Michael J. Kopanic, Jr.
  • Studia Academica Slovaca – A Current Perspective, Melanie Kopanic and Erika Kopanic
  • Doane College Czech Studies Elderhostel, Janet Jeffries Beauvais

June 2006


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Slovak Genealogical Research

  • Slovak Records in the Family History Library – Salt Lake City, Geri Vojvoda Harris
  • Hungarian 1869 Census, Vladimir Bohinc
  • Fraternally Yours: Finding Clues about Your Ancestors in Fraternal Records, Lisa A. Alzo
  • Chodove Memorial – Remembering the Czechs Who Established This Village in Galicia, Evzen Topinka
  • The Slovak Pride Database Reaches 24,000 Surnames, Helene Baine Cincebeaux
  • ...and a lovely life the flowers lived... (The life and work of Veronika Golianová), Soňa Smileková
  • Persistence of Memory: Recalling Texas Valachs, Kevin Hannan
  • Look what a little networking did!, Rosie Bodien

March 2006


Digital Library

Issue Theme: The Thirty Years War and Its Impact On Genealogical Records

  • Bohemia after the Thirty Years War: Historical Sources Deposited in the National Archives in Prague, Lenka Matušíková and Sheilagh Ogilvie
  • The Longest War in Czech History and Its Effects, Miroslav Koudelka
  • The 1651 "Register of Subjects According to Their Religion" (Soupis poddaných podle víry), Alena Pazderová
  • Examples from the Soupis Poddaných Víry z Roku 1651 and Berní rule, Gene Aksamit and Wayne Sisel
  • Berní rula map of 1654
  • Coping With Destrucion of Bremen Passenger Lists, Genealogical Publishing Company
  • From My Family Tree, Barbora Slabáková
  • From the Eagle Mountains to Oklahoma, Cyril and Marie Michalička
  • The Difficulties Concerning Research in Prague Directories, Tomaš Biskup & Jan Pařez




Digital Library

  • The Valachs of the Carpathians, Kevin Hannan
  • The Celts in Moravia and the Vestiges They Left Us, Frank Soural
  • Czech American DNA Study: Applying Genetic Genealogy, Leo Baca
  • Czech Emigration to the Russian Empire
  • Immigration to Crimean Czechs to North Dakota, Bern Pavlish
  • Historical Family Structure in Slovakia, Marta Botíková
  • Hovĕzí Land Survey from 1st Half of 19th Century
  • Čermná, a Summary of its History, Jaroslav Jansa
  • History of Emigration from Čermná, Jaroslav Jansa

December 2005


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Passports and Permission to Emigrate Records

  • Emigration Information from the Litomyšl District Archive, Paul Makousky
  • Passport Documents in the Slovak Archives and Their Use, Milan Belej
  • Permission to Emigrate Records from Northern Moravia, Leo Baca
  • Passport Requests to the USA from Austrian Silesia (1850-1909), Martin Pytr
  • Reisepass of František Kálal (Or The Passport’s Story), Jim Kallal
  • The Regional State Archives in Prague and Genealogy, Jiří Vichta

September 2005


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Musical Instruments from the Czech and Slovak Lands

  • Zadudej Dudáčku!! Bagpiper, Play!!, Michael Cwach
  • An Overview of Violin Making in Egerland (Chebsko), Arian Sheets
  • Anton Simek: The Czech Pioneer’s Role in Owatonna’s Early History, Michael Wolesky
  • A History of the Trombone in The Czech Lands, Pavel Göpfert
  • The Czech Cimbál or Dulcimer, A Moravian Folk Instrument from its Past to the Present, Hana and Milan Konečný
  • A Recollection of Grandma’s Zither, Lorene Lederer-Decatur

June 2005


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Occupations and Employers of Slovak Immigrants

  • What Slovak and Slavic People Contributed to Mining Industry?, David Kuchta
  • Finding Slovak Vital Records, Gene Aksamit
  • Life of Subjects in Tekov County in the 18th Century, Vladimir Bohinc
  • Hat City Slovaks – The Hatting Industry and the Slovak Community of Danbury, CT, Diane C. Hassan
  • Mayoral Visit from Rusyn Village in Slovakia, Paul M. Makousky
  • Which Way E-J? The Shoemaking Company That Gave Immigrants A Break!, Helene Baine Cincebeaux
  • Surfing for Slovak Ancestors, Lisa A. Alzo
  • New York’s Sokol Legacy from 1867, Edward Chlanda

March 2005


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Slovak and Czech Settlements in Cleveland, Ohio

  • Slovak and Bohemian Parishes of Cleveland 1942, Carolyn Corcoran
  • Czech Settlements in 19th Century Cleveland, Ohio, Michael A. Kukral
  • Wisdom built a home for herself: The Strahov Library in Prague, Jan Pařez
  • Czech and Slovak Wedding Traditions, Helene Baine Cincebeaux
  • Nativity BVM Parish lives on as part of Cleveland’s Slovak Community, John Sabol

December 2004


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Sokol Halls and Organizations in the USA

  • Bohemians on Broadway, Betty Hosticka
  • Sokol Karel Havlíček Borovský Ennis, Texas, Sylvia Laznovsky
  • Slovak Catholic Sokol, Jennifer Romine
  • Wilber’s Sokol Auditorium, Beatrice Daily Sun
  • A Brief History of Sokol South Omaha, Vojmir Benak
  • The Building of Lodge Čech #12, Kvìty Americke
  • Selo Moje! Šariš County Cousins Connect in Cyberspace, Lisa Alzo, Diane Hassan, and John Matviya
  • Simplified Czech and Slovak Character Support in Genealogical Applications, Chris Mikšánek

September 2004


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Some Czech-born Personalities in America

  • The Reymershoffers - Early Texas Czech Entrepreneurs, Jan Johnson
  • Tomáš Čapek, A Great Literary and Historical Figure, Hospodář
  • Václav František Severa, Druggist and Philanthropist, Amerikán Národní Kalendář
  • Jan Rosický, Noted Czech Newspaper Publisher, Amerikán Národní Kalendář
  • Nelahozeves, a zámek reclaimed, David Pavelka
  • František Korbel, from Cigar boxes to Wine maker, Amerikán Národní Kalendář
  • Slovaks of Bridgeport, Connecticut, The Bridgeport Sunday Post

June 2004


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czech and Slovak Settlements in Eastern Wisconsin

  • The Czechs in Caledonia, Wisconsin, Štěpánka Korytová-Magstadt
  • Rosemary Lindlan Remembered
  • Slovak Immigrants to Southeastern Wisconsin, John J. Hosmanek
  • Characteristics of Wisconsin as a "Mini-Europe", Joel Blahnik
  • The Wagon Trail: Following Caledonia Czechs Westward, Paul Makousky
  • My Little Czech Glass Family, Rosemarie Bodien

March 2004


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Kroje (Folk Dress) of the Czech and Slovak Republics

  • Traditional German-Bohemian Tracht, Karen Hobbs
  • Bohemian Kroje - The Ultimate Celebration of Personal and Cultural Identity, Carmen Langel
  • A Feast for the Eyes - Moravia's Magnificent Folk Dress, Helene Cincebeaux
  • Ethnic Folk Dress Centerfold, National Czech and Slovak Museum & Library
  • Treasures of Embroidery, Beading, Leather and Lace - Slovakia's Varied and Splendid Folk Dress, Helene Baine Cincebeaux




Digital Library

  • The Chicken Soup Connection: My story of researching and finding my Slovakian family, Mark Westphal
  • The Austrian Kriegsarchiv in Vienna and its records
  • The Garden Party, Tomas Biskup
  • Searching for Your Slovak Immigrant Ancestors in the Ellis Island Database, Lisa A. Alzo, M.F.A.
  • Czech American DNA Study: Some Early Results, Leo Baca

December 2003


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czech and Slovak Military History

  • The Kingdom of Bohemia During the Thirty Years' War, Eduard Kovalda
  • The Turks are Coming!, Vladimir Bohinc
  • 1866 War Story, Karen Hobbs
  • St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church, Baltimore, Maryland, Charles Supik
  • The Battle of Three Emperors at Slavkov (Austerlitz) in 1805, Jana Džúrová
  • The Battle of Austerlitz (The Fight of Signals 1805), Evžen Zámečník
  • Antonin and Josefa Sykora History, J. Scott Sykora

September 2003


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czech and Slovak Museums in USA

  • Czech and Slovak Heritage is Alive and Thriving in Oak Brook, Illinois, Deborah Zeman
  • About the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library
  • Origin of the Texas Wedding Song, Kevin Hannan
  • Wisconsin Slovak Museum and Heritage Center, Darinka Majka-Kohl
  • How vital are those "Vital Records"?, Sandra K. Hynek
  • Wilber's Czech Museum - A Treasure of Culture, Larine Mares
  • The Oxford Junction Iowa Heritage Museum Tells a Story, Marlene Flory
  • Texas Czech Heritage and Cultural Center (TCHCC), La Grange, Texas, Woody Smith
  • Serfs, Villeins, Nobles, et al., Anna Ošancová
  • Haugen Area Historical Museum

June 2003


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Minnesota's Ethnic Settlements from the Czech/Slovak Lands

  • German-Bohemian Immigration to St. Paul, Minnesota, Linda Therkelsen
  • The Slovaks and their settlement of the "Bohemian Flats" in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Don Pafko
  • A Survey of Czech Settlements in Minnesota, Paul Makousky
  • The Rusins of Minnesota, Karen Varian
  • Early Immigration and Settlement Patterns of German-Bohemians to New UIm and Brown County, Minnesota, Robert J. Paulson
  • The Czech Settlements in Montgomery and New Prague, Minnesota, Blanche Havel Zellmer

March 2003


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Moravians, Silesians, and Bohemians in Texas

  • My Silesian Heritage, Kevin Hannan
  • Czech and Czech-Moravian Footsteps in the Bluebonnet Fields of Texas, Susan Rektorik Henley
  • Naša Babka, Agnes J. Pelachik Robinson
  • One Hundred Years Ago in Bastrop County, Texas, Mat. Zimmerhanzl
  • How vital are those "Vital Records?", Sandra K. Hynek
  • Czech Immigration to Texas 1896-1906, Statistically Speaking, Paul Makousky

December 2002


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Hrady, Zamky, a Tvrze (Castles, Chateaux, and Fortresses)

  • The History of Czech Castles in the Work of August Sedláček, Eduard Kovalda
  • The Best Known Castles in Moravia, Martina Bernatíková
  • The Trials and Tribulations of Anna Jaroš, Anna Jaroš
  • Holíč - Summer Residence of the Imperial Royal Habsburg Family, Vladimir Petrovič
  • The Miramare of Slovácko - A History of Svetlov Castle, Alena Kováříková
  • Big Bang in Czech Telephone Numbers, Mirek Koudelka
  • The Slovak Institute in Cleveland, Ohio, Reopens to the Public, Frank M. Stipkala
  • Castles, Chateaux and Country Estates in Slovakia, Paul Makousky
  • A "tvrz" in Unčovice, Moravia, Jiří Ošanec and Jana Martínková

September 2002


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czech and Slovak Women in America

  • In Quiet Pursuit of the Good: A Profile of Alice Garrigue Masaryk, Carol Jean Smetana
  • Rose Rosický, Margie Sobotka
  • Serfdom in Bohemia, Richard G. Long
  • Among the Emigrants, Božena Pavlíková
  • Generation to Generation: The Slovak Women's Role in Preserving Culture and Traditions, Lisa A. Alzo
  • Newspapers ...Can you read between the lines?, Sandra Hynek

June 2002


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czech and Slovak Republic Archives

  • Professional Genealogists' Experiences With the Work At Czech Archives, Miroslav Koudelka and Jiří Ošanec
  • The Most Important Sources for Family Research in the Slovak Archives, Milan Belej
  • Prince's and Baron's... are the stories true?, Sandra K. Hynek
  • My Czech Roots, Joseph J. Krenik
  • System of Slovak Archives and Their Use, Milan Belej
  • Genealogical Resources at the State Central Archives in Prague, Eduard Kovalda

March 2002


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czechs, Slovaks, Germans from Bohemia in Michigan

  • Czech and Slovak: Roots in Mid-Michigan, Tom Bradley
  • Crossing Borders: Czechs and Germans in Menominee, Michigan, Ken Meter
  • Someone's Trash Can be a Genealogist's Treasure, Sandra K. Hynek
  • Czech, Slovak & German-Bohemian Immigration to Michigan, Paul Makousky
  • Recollections of František Slavík, born in Region of Příbram, Amerikán Národní Kalendář
  • Origin of Immigrants Settling Near Bannister, Michigan, Tom Bradley




Digital Library

  • The Passage from Home to the Sea, Josef V. Polišenský
  • Genealogical activities in Slovakia and Slovakia related foreign countries, Milan Šišmiš
  • Jewish Pioneer Settlers from the Czechlands and Slovakia in America, Miloslav Rechcigl, Jr.
  • Slovaks of Streator and Their Progress, Ignác Gessay
  • We are Valachs!, Zděnek Konečný and František Mainus
  • War, Famine and Economic Depression in the Early 19th Century, Karen Hobbs
  • Find Your Slovak Roots Online, Lisa A. Alzo, MFA
  • Czech Society of the 19th Century: Social and Professional Structure, Ivan Dubovický

December 2001


Digital Library

  • Identifying and Locating Your Ancestral Village, Gene Aksamit
  • So... What's in a Name?, Sandra K. Hynek
  • Discovering Mother's Family in Slovakia, Donald F. Sole
  • Reconnect with Family Using Czech/Slovak Phone Directories, Ginger Simek

September 2001


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Jewish Settlements and History in Czech/Slovak Lands

  • Sučany - A Rock, A Hill A Brook - A Little Town in Slovakia, Nadia Grosser Nagarajan
  • Immigration Through Canada to the U.S., David E Kosanda
  • Bohemian Jews - Chicago and Kolin, Rabbi Mark S. Shapiro
  • Doudleby nad Orlici, Eytan Lederer
  • Sources for Jewish Genealogical Research in Bohemia, Eytan David Lederer
  • Jewish Genealogy Potpourri, Paul Makousky

June 2001


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Transportation Used by Immigrants

  • 19th Century Travel in the Homeland, Frank Soural
  • Trans-Atlantic Migration: The Routes, the Ports, the Ships, Paul Valasek
  • A Journey Through Time, Fred (Bedrich) Simon
  • Genealogical Sources in Bohemia: Part VII, Parish Records, Jan Pařez 

March 2001


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Slovaks, Czechs, and Rusyns of Pittsburgh and Vicinity

  • Western Pennsylvania: The New "Homeland" for Carpatho-Rusyns, John Righetti
  • Historian Josef Polišenský Remembered, Ivan Dubovický
  • Western Pennsylvania Slovak Cultural Association
  • From North of the Danube, to Southwestern Pennsylvania, Karen A. Mesaros
  • A Thousand Years Ago in the Czech and Slovak Lands, Mark Vasko-Bigaouette
  • The Pittsburgh Czech Community of Bohemian Hill and Spring Garden, Joan McGuire Mohr and Carol Hochman
  • The Carpatho-Rusyn Society - Young and Dynamic, John Righetti
  • Immigration to Pittsburgh 1880-1899, Paul Makousky

December 2000


Digital Library

Issue Theme: The Moravians of North Moravia

  • History of Studená Loučka, Jiří Ošanec
  • Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Wallachian Open Air Museum, Jaromír Kalus, Jiří Pernes, and Vladimír Tkáč
  • Toleration Churches, Helene Cincebeaux
  • Grandpa Worked Here, Thomas A. Hruska
  • Northeast Moravia Through My Eyes, Robert H. Roesner
  • History of Music in Silver Lake, Minnesota, Wallace Oliva
  • Moravian Brethren from the Czechlands, Miloslav Rechcigl, Jr.

September 2000


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Slovaks and Czechs in Canada

  • Early Slovak Immigration to Canada: Slovaks of Fort William, Ontario, Angela Mikita Meady
  • Indexes to 1901 Census of the NWO District of Thunder Bay, Rainy River, Kenora, Microfilm Reel #TO 6458
  • A Short History of the Czechs in Canada, Frank G. Soural
  • History of Esterhazy and Area Settlements, Paul Makousky
  • The Czechs in the Province of Manitoba, Canada, Ted Reznowski
  • The First Slovak Settlement in Canada - Hun's Valley, Denise Kolesar
  • The Morning and Afternoon of My Life, Jan Heidmueller

June 2000


Digital Library

Issue Theme: U.S. Ports of Immigration

  • Castle Garden- America's First Immigrant Receiving Station, Gene Aksamit
  • The Southern Route: New Orleans and Galveston Arrivals, Leo Baca
  • Baffled by Old German Script?
  • Resources on the Emigration from the area of Kutná Hora to America in the Second Half of the 19th Century, Eduard Kovalda
  • South Bohemia to Southern Minnesota:Discovering 1860s Baltimore Link, Debra Minar Driscoll
  • On Discovering A Stranger's Sad Story, Dottie Kokes Speidel
  • Sources for Czech Arrivals in New Orleans and Galveston, Leo Baca

March 2000


Digital Library

Issue Theme: The Czechs and German-Bohemians in the Banat

  • Czechs in the Romanian Banat, Milena Secká
  • Small Carpathians are a Wonderful Escape into Nature, Daniel J Stoll
  • František Znamenáček, First Czech Public School Teacher in Saline County, Nebraska, F.J. Sadílek 
  • Bohemians in the Banat, Ed Brandt
  • A Ticket to Success, Dorothy Cvach Overgaard
  • The Peasant Museum Kojákovice, Robert Dulfer




Digital Library

  • Czech Emigration Patterns - European View, Ivan Dubovicky
  • The Occurrence of Hungarian (Magyar) Surnames in the Stropkov Area of Upper Zemplin, Miles Lambert
  • Three Slovak Women: Excerpts, Lisa Alzo
  • Genealogical Jigsaw, Charles Ryant, Jr.
  • Czech/Slovak Internet Radio and TV Stations, Leo Baca
  • Genealogical Resources on the World Wide Web, Paul Makousky
  • The Germans of Czechoslovakia and Using German Heimat Literature for Genealogical Research, Karen Hobbs
  • My Journey from Prague to Hamburg: Diary of Anton Topinka, Anton Topinka

December 1999


Digital Library

Issue Theme: The Rusyns (Ruthenians) in Slovakia

  • What is a Rusyn?, Richard D. Custer
  • Some Reflections on the Future of CGSI in the New Millenium, Steven G. Potach
  • Finding Your Carpatho-Rusyn Ancestral Village, John A. Hudick
  • Looking for Jan Žižka, Thomas C. Babcock
  • Rusin Emigration to the U.S. from Slovakia, Karen Varian
  • Slovakia's Far East, Robin Rigg
  • Who are the Ruthenians?, Robin Rigg
  • The Slovak History and Culture Conference, Ruth Chovancek
  • Comments on the Glassheim review of "One Hundred Tales from Sudetenland", Christel Krause Converse, Ph.D.

September 1999


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Slovaks and Czechs in New York State


  • Gateway to America, Miloslav Rechcigl, Jr.
  • "Bohemia": A Czech Settlement on Long Island, New York, Josef F. Túma
  • Reflections on Ethnicity in a Texas Community, Kevin Hannan
  • New York, New York: Oh Those Memories!, Lillian Furek
  • A Genealogical Success Story, G.M Nemecek
  • Slovak Immigration to Upstate New York, William C Wormuth
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help and Other Czech and Slovak Churches in New York, Paul Makousky

June 1999


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Research via Census

  • Early Censuses in the Czech Lands (Before World War I), Miroslav Koudelka
  • Census Records and Genealogical Research, Clair Haberman
  • Experiences with the Census
  • Czech Immigration to the U.S.A. 1848-1918, Eugene Aksamit
  • A Brief History of the Censuses in the U.S., Clair Haberman
  • Cadastral Maps Can Find Your Home, Tom Hruska
  • Levoca and Kezmarok: Two Medieval Slovakian Cities, Evelyn M. Cherpak
  • 1869 Hungarian Census, Paul M. Makousky
  • Take A Census of Your Family, Clair Haberman

March 1999


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Czechs in Nebraska

  • Growing Up In Old South Omaha: Life In A Bohemian Immigrant Community, Steven G. Potach
  • My Haba Family's Pioneer Life in Nebraska, Helen Kaplan 
  • Wayside Shrines, David Kuchta
  • Discovering Historically Important Places in Slovakia, Thomas C. Babcock
  • The First Czech Inhabitant of Nebraska, Hospodář
  • Reminiscences of Mrs. Augusta Nešpor, Amerikán Národní Kalendář
  • CGSI Volunteer Meets Enthusiastic Genealogists, Elaine Hernandez
  • Slovaks in the Cornhusker State, Steven G. Potach

December 1998


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Birth and Baptismal Records

  • Archdiocesan Baptismal Research in the U.S., Paul M. Makousky
  • Examining Ancestral Baptismal Records, Paul M. Makousky
  • Czech America in the Struggle for Independent Czechoslovakia, Miloslav Rechcigl, Jr.
  • Ležáky, A History Not Forgotten, Ležáky Commemoration Society
  • Using State Records for Searching Births, Paul M. Makousky
  • Reminiscences About Life in New York City, Lillian Zinck Oprava
  • Visiting Valaškovce, My Ancestral Village in Eastern Slovakia, Suzanne Bubnash Walker 

September 1998


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Slovaks in Pennsylvania

  • A Guide to Slovak Genealogy Resources in Eastern Pennsylvania, John Gabuzda
  • Retracing the Steps of Jan Hus, Thomas C. Babcock
  • The Slovaks of South Bethlehem, Pennsylvania: A Brief History, Monica Zabrecky Chuhna
  • Nový Hrozenkov Will Celebrate, Miloslav Stibor
  • From Coal Mines and Steel Mills to Farming: Employment of Slovaks of Pennsylvania, Renee Henry
  • The Slovaks of Patton, Cambria County, Pennsylvania, Carolyn Senyitko Corcoran
  • Slovaks of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, Dorothy Knafla
  • Genealogical Sources in Bohemia: VI. Confessional Registers and Register of People by Denomination, Jan Pařez, Lizanne Hart
  • A Saint from Bohemia: The Ancestry of St. John Nepomuk Neumann, Raimund Paleczek

June 1998


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Folk Festivals

  • Moravia's Festivals - Archaic to Modern, Helene Baine Cincebeaux
  • Experiences in Attending Czech and Slovak Festivals, Paul M. Makousky
  • Prešov: Overlooked Keeper of Historical Treasures, Robin Rigg
  • History of Czech Heritage Festival in Libuse, Louisiana, Frances Hazmark
  • Festivals in Slovakia - Folk to Ghost, Helene Baine Cincebeaux
  • The Jewish Community of Sobědruhy, Julian H. Preisler
  • Austrian Military Recruits and Their Records, Karen Hobbs
  • American Czechoslovak Social Club of North Miami, Robert J. Petrick

March 1998


Digital Library

Issue Theme: CGSI's 10th Anniversary

  • A Decade of Volunteerism: 1988 - 1998 CGSI Celebrates its 10th Annniversary, Dave Pavelka
  • Newly Found Relatives Through Phone Directories, Carol Ann Kusky
  • German-Bohemian Research Assistance, Ginger VogI Simek
  • A Ten Year Chronology of CGSI History, Paul M. Makousky
  • Special Colored Pictorial History
  • Part 2: List of Jews Deported From Velké Meziříčí to Concentration Camps and Prisons in the Years 1940-1942, Marie Ripperová
  • How to Put Together a Traditional Easter Basket, Rev. Basil Kraynyak
  • Visiting Hertník, Slovakia, Dorothy Knafla




Digital Library

  • The Osturňa Odyssey, Megan Smolenyak
  • Baltimore's Czech Community: The Early Years, Eva Slezak
  • Bringing Your Ancestors Back to Life, Steven G. Potach
  • Philadelphia Steamship Arrivals, Leo Baca
  • Northeast Bohemia Project (NEB), James Kleinschmidt and Kathryn Dankowski
  • Historical Development of Parish Registers, Stanislav Lapcik
  • In Moravian Footprints in America, Miloslav Rechcigl, Jr.
  • Metzenseifen is now Medzev, Duncan B. Gardiner
  • Finding Genealogical Information in the Czech Republic and Vienna, Karen Hobbs
  • Census of Bohemia in 1651, Historical Atlas, Slovak and Czech History, Books in Czech and Slovak, Genealogy On-line: Internet Notes, Bohemian Germans in Eastern Galicia, Census Materials in County Archives, Biographies, Duncan B. Gardiner

December 1997


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Potpourri

  • Reflections On 1997 Genealogical/Cultural Conference, Paul M. Makousky
  • A Ruthenian Christmas, Robb Walsh
  • My Maiden Journey to Slovakia, Paul M. Makousky
  • Nový Hrozenkov, Jiří Ondrak
  • Genealogical Sources in Bohemia: Part V. Czech Cadastres, Jan Pařez, Tom Zahn
  • Slovak Personalities in the National Cemetery, Martin, Slovakia
  • List of Jews Who were Deported from Velké Meziříčí to Concentration Camps and Prisons in the Years 1940-1942, Marie Ripperová
  • KOSMAS, Czechoslovak and Central European Journal, Miloslav Rechcigl

September 1997


Digital Library

Issue Theme: U.S. Research Centers

  • A Guide To Using U.S. Research Centers, Paul M. Makousky
  • Božena Němcová (+ 1862 Prague), Petra Nečemdslá
  • Komárno is the most Hungarian of Slovak Cities, Jim Gladstone
  • Chod Families - Make Trek Across Europe to America, Roy J. Rushka
  • Detailed Maps of Slovakia Now Available
  • Genealogical Sources in Bohemia: Part IV. Land and Duties Registers, Jan Pařez, Tom Zahn
  • The Jewish Community in Velké Meziříčí, Lenka Prudková
  • Czech Pioneers in Wisconsin, Miloslav Rechcigl, Jr.

June 1997


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Architecture

  • Žudr - A Special Item of Haná Folk Architecture, Miroslav Koudelka
  • Slovak Folk Architecture, Paul M. Makousky
  • Midwifery in the 18th Century, Marie Zahn
  • Pride and Preservation: Prague's Artisans Restore City Monuments, Leslie Farmer
  • Bohemian Porcelain Production, James D. Henderson, Jr.
  • Searching Slovak Heritage, Dorothy Knafla
  • Appearing in Court: Records Found in Courthouses, Paul M. Makousky
  • Epilogue: A Youthful Quest Fulfilled, Robert Paulson
  • Stories of Jewish Cemeteries - Podmokly Springs, Milan Pokorný
  • Our Fellow Countrymen in Space, Jiří Ošanec
  • Folk Artist at Work Today, Lillian Kuryliw

March 1997


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Occupations/Trades

  • The Difficulty of Defining Occupations: Changes in the Meaning of Early Czech Words Describing Trades, Tom and Marie Zahn
  • Are You Interested in South Bohemia?, Alena Němcová
  • The History of Millcraft in Bohemia, Ladislav Blahník
  • Kutná Hora and its mining history, Věra Roweová
  • The Třeboň Jewish Cemetery is Reviving, Miroslav Koudelka
  • Czech American Tradesmen - Masters of Their Profession, Miloslav Rechcigl, Jr.
  • Naturalization Records: More Than a Record of Citizenship, Paul M. Makousky
  • The First Pennsylvania Settler from the Czechlands, Miloslav Rechcigl, Jr.

December 1996


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Hobbies/Interests

  • Slovak Surnames: What They Can Tell A Family Historian, Milan Šišmiš
  • Genealogical Sources In Bohemia, Jan Pařez, Tom Zahn
  • Alien Registration Records And Declaration Of Holdings, Paul M. Makousky
  • Frequently Asked Questions, Paul M. Makousky
  • The Moravian Town of Znojmo, Paul M. Makousky
  • Czech Texans to Get New Center, Carolyn Meiners
  • Euchre: A card game which might be used to encourage an interest in genealogy, Clair Haberman
  • The Lost Community of Bohemia Hill, Joan McGuire-Mohr
  • My Grandpa Taught Me Mushroom Hunting, Miroslav Koudelka
  • Cemeteries with Completed Transcriptions of Tombstones' Inscriptions, Slovak Genealogical-Heraldic Society at the Matica Slovenska

September 1996


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Cemeteries

  • A Cemetery By Any Other Name..., Paul Makousky
  • Slovak Cemeteries - Valuable Open-Air Databases, Milan Šišmiš
  • Czech Victims of the EASTLAND Catastrophe of June 24, 1915 - Part II, M-Z, Joseph Mach, Sr.
  • The Bohemian National Cemetery in Chicago, Robert Baumruk
  • The First American Settler From Slovakia, Miloslav Rechcigl, Jr.
  • Roots of Instrumental Folk Music, Jiří Luska
  • Pearls and Curiosities From Slovak Cemeteries, Milan Šišmiš
  • A Cemetery in the Slovak Press, Nový Život Turca
  • The Crosses of Andera, Loren N. Horton
  • Prague's Jewish Cemeteries, Silvia Procházková
  • The Cemetery of Moravská Třebová, Jana Martínková
  • The Role of Cemeteries in Your Genealogical Quest Thru The Republics, Mark Vaško-Bigaouette

June 1996


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Music

  • Slovakia's Unique Fujara, Helene Baine Cincebeaux
  • Making The Most Of The Census, Paul M. Makousky
  • The Czech Brass Bands of Kewaunee County, Wisconsin, Joel Blahnik
  • The Folk, "old time" Music of German-Bohemians, La Vern J. Rippley
  • Old Time Music of Bohemian American Concertina Association, Clair Haberman
  • A Short History of Trojanovice from its origin up to the year 1900, Jiří Ošanec
  • What's In A Name: The Importance of Having Correct Town Spellings, Paul M. Makousky
  • The First Czech In Chicago, Miloslav Rechcigl, Jr.
  • Chronological Order Of The Foundation Of Slovak Parishes In The Diocese Of Scranton, PA, Msgr. John P Gallagher
  • Looking For Traces Of Antonín Dvořák, Thomas C. Babcock
  • History Of Music In Silver Lake, Ellie Makovsky
  • Famous Composers From The Czech Lands, Jiří Ošanec

March 1996


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Education

  • Education in the Czechoslovak Region, Clair Haberman
  • Jan Amos Komenský: Moravian Philosopher, Theologian and Educator, Clair Haberman
  • Czech Victims of the EASTLAND Catastrophe of June 24, 1915 - Part I, A-L, Joseph Mach, Sr.
  • Pinnacle of Networking Success, Paul Makousky
  • The Contributions of Maria Theresa to Education in Czechoslovakia, Clair Haberman
  • School Days in Old Bohemia, Karleen Chott Sheppard
  • Northeast Bohemia Project Update, Jim Kleinschmidt and Kathryn Betlach Dankowski
  • The First Czech Colonist in Kansas, Tomáš Černý
  • Two Experiences with Education in the Early Years of the Twentieth Century, Clair Haberman
  • Questions and Answers about Education in Slovakia and The Czech Republic, Milan Brzo
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Czech & Slovak Fonts, Chris Miksanek
  • The Sorbs (Wends): The Smallest Slavonic Nation, George R. Nielsen




Digital Library

  • Oskar Schindler: One of our Fellow Countrymen . . . ., Miroslav Koudelka & Jiri Osanec
  • Czech Migration Patterns to Cleveland, 1865-1940, Gregory M. Stone
  • Landskroner Emigration to the American Midwest, Edward G. Langer
  • The Beginnings of Emigration from the Eastern Czech Lands..., Frantisek Silar
  • Slovenskys of Steelville, Missouri, Len Slovensky
  • Czech Land Registers and Auxiliary Books, Rudolf Melichar
  • The Great Native of Moravia: Dr. Sigmund Freud, Jiri Osanec
  • Johann Gregor Mendel, Native of Silesia, Jiri Osanec
  • Glimpses of the Cycle of Life in Slovak Villages..., Helene Cincebeaux & Helen Baine
  • Slovak Ancestry Shown in the 1990 U.S. Census, Joseph J. Hornack

December 1995


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Newspapers and Periodicals

  • Newspapers And Periodicals: Tracing Our Immigrants And Their Lives, Paul M. Makousky
  • Czech And Slovak Press In America, Jiří Král
  • For Your Slovak Itinerary: Martin, Miroslav Koudelka
  • The Slovaks of Chicago, Dr. Peter P. Hletko
  • Slovak Newspapers And Periodicals Published In The United States 1930
  • Catastrophe on the Chicago River, Joseph Mach, Sr.
  • Archivex Praha
  • Lives Of The Oldest Settlers in The Kewaunee Area, Kewaunské Listy
  • Czechs In The American Civil War, Paul Makousky
  • Recollections of Antonín Aksamit, Amerikán Národní Kalendář
  • The Christmas Carp, Karleen Chott Sheppard
  • Christmas Customs, Joyce Fagerness

September 1995


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Arts and Crafts

  • Kraslice- Czech Egg Decorating, Marjorie Kopecek Nejdl
  • Art For All Time, Fred Noer
  • Clarification On Rusyn Religions
  • A Visit To Two Bohemian Glassworks, Steve Potach
  • Genealogical Sources In Bohemia, Jan Pařez
  • History of Lace, Paula Koza
  • Emigrants To America Please Take Notice, Jan Ekstein
  • Tourist Maps and Genealogy, Paul Makousky

June 1995


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Religion

  • A Brief Look At Our Religous Roots, Paul Makousky
  • Correspondence Works, Miroslav Koudelka
  • Slovak Churches in America, Paul Makousky
  • The Parish Church as a Treasure Trove of Information, Kenneth Dzugan
  • Cook's Corner, Teresa Ridgeway
  • The Wide-Spread Influence of one small Lutheran Church in one small village in Slovakia, Ruth Chovancek
  • The Oldest Bible In Czech, Libuše Koudelková
  • The Denni Hlasatal, Janet Zavoral
  • Welcome to Velké Meziříčí!, Marie Ripperová, PhD.
  • The Moravian Church, Paul Makousky
  • Czech & Slovak Roman Catholic Churches in Chicago, Janet Zavoral
  • St. Jan Nepomuk, First Czech Catholic Church In America, Paul Makousky
  • History of SS. Peter & Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church, Janet Zavoral
  • Searching for Military Records Made Simple, Beth L. Mullinax
  • Climbing the Family Tree In The Czech Republic & Slovakia, Tom Zahn

March 1995


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Folk Dress

  • Folk Dress of Our Ancestors, Patricia Williams
  • What's in a Name? To Czechs and Slovaks, Name Days are as Important as Birthdays, Jan Stojaspal
  • Ceremonial Cloths of Slovakia and Moravia: How Village Women Celebrated Life's Passages, Helene Baine Cincebeaux
  • Mushrooms Cloud Over Moravia, Thomas Magstadt
  • Velikonoce (Easter)
  • Mladá Boleslav, Bohemia, Paul M. Makousky and Dr. Jan Ludviček
  • The Czechoslovak Volunteers, Ben Franklin Press
  • Speaking of Computers, Chris Miksanek
  • St. Paul Czechoslovak Folk Dancers, Dave Stepan and Bob Vanyo

December 1994


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Ancient History

  • In Search of the Lost Tribes: The Ancient Peoples of the Czech and Slovak Lands, Steven G. Potach
  • Czech Christmas Customs in 1994, Dora Slabá
  • Christmas Carp is Czech Classic, Prague Post
  • An Invitation to Learn About the Celts, Clair Haberman
  • Slovak Christmas Traditions, Slovak Heritage Live
  • Mikulčice, Mikulčice Guidebook
  • Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish, John T. Sabol
  • Surnames of Czech Immigrants in the USA, Ivan Lutterer

September 1994


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Fraternal Societies

  • History of the Western Fraternal Life Association, Fraternal Herald and Western Fraternal Life Association 
  • Rye Bread: A Hearty Basket
  • CSA Fraternal Life - A Brief History, Joseph Martinek
  • Liver for Lovers: A Czech Favorite
  • One in a Million Computer Contact Locates Czech Relatives, Bill Veselik
  • What is the Jednota?, John J. Yencik
  • Živena - Beginnings and Early History, Anthony X. Sutherland
  • A Mirror of Moravian History, Miroslav Koudelka
  • East Bernard Czech Singers
  • Catholic Workman, Catholic Workman's Centennial History
  • The National Slovak Society
  • Czech Texans: A vanishing breed is at home on the range, Sean Gallup
  • History Through Adjectives, Karen von Kunes
  • Slovak Catholic Sokol, Slovak Catholic Sokol
  • Slovak Geography: Simple as ABC, Ray Plutko
  • Czech Catholic Union, Czech Catholic Union Convention Handbook
  • Slavonic Benevolent Order of the State of Texas (SPJST), SPJST Library
  • List of ZCBJ Lodges from 1899-1901
  • Border People - The Bohmisch (German-Bohemians) In America [Review], Clair Haberman

June 1994


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Language

  • Now ...About the Language, Dave Pavelka
  • Resources for Learning Foreign Languages, Clair Haberman
  • Slovak and Czech Languages, Ján Šefčík
  • Czech Names in American Records, Margie Sobotka
  • A Little Humor Helps to Learn Czech, Steve Wencl
  • A Youthful Quest Fulfilled, Bob Paulson
  • I Found the House, Karleen Chott Sheppard
  • German Dialects of Bohemia and Moravia-Silesia, E. Schwarz
  • Spillville Celebrates the Bily Brothers, Juanita J. Loven

March 1994


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Immigration

  • Why They Came, Ivan Dubovický
  • Migration Patterns of Czechs and Moravians Into and Out of Nebraska, Margie Sobotka
  • Where to Find a New Home?, Hospodář
  • Slovak Emigration and America's Immigrants, Paul Makousky
  • Galveston's Missing Passenger Lists, Lawrence H. Konecny
  • They Came Very Far From the East - The Czech Settlers of Knox County, Nebraska, Ron Dobry
  • Doing Genealogical Research at the State Regional Archive in Třebon, Třebon Archive
  • Košice, David Stepan

Fall 1993


Digital Library

Issue Theme: Travel

  • Traveling to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Pat Reynolds
  • Ten Tips for Visiting Bohemian, Moravian, or Slovakian Homes, Helene Baine Cincebeaux
  • Přerov nad Labem - Open-Air Museum, Pat Reynolds
  • Oravský Castle, Pat Reynolds
  • Folk Jewels - Precious Wooden Churches of Bohemia, Moravia, and Slovakia, Helene Baine Cincebeaux
  • The Bishop's Town, Paul Makousky

Summer 1993


Digital Library

  • Basics of Genealogical Research, Paul Makousky
  • Publishing a Family Newsletter, Chris Miksanek
  • My Heritage in the Sub-Carpathian Ukraine, Victoria Nied
  • Važec - A Charming Village in Slovakia, Ruth Chovancek
  • Tracing Family Histories in Chicago, Shirley Faran
  • When Minnehaha Falls Inspired Dvořák, Lionel B. Davis and Kenneth Carley

Spring 1993


Digital Library

  • Acquiring Czech Republic and Slovakia Phone Books, Douglas P. Holmes
  • Locating Living Relatives in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Visiting Czechoslovakia in May 1992, Louise Leonard Bradshaw
  • Dr. Mestenhauser Speaks about the Current Situation in the Czech and Slovak Republics
  • Typical Profiles in the Geographical Dictionary of Hungary, William E. Duff
  • Český Krumlov 'Old Town Keeps its Bohemian Past', Pat Reynolds
  • Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Domazlice, Bohemia, Grace Horne Green
  • Searching for Records of Family Members, Carol Kovarik West

Winter 1993


Digital Library

  • Listing and Organization of Archives in the Czech Socialist Republic, Rudolf Melichar
  • Map Resources for the Genealogist at the U.S. Library of Congress - Part 3, Edward David Luft
  • Bohemian Catholics in Chicago - Revisited, Shirley Vilim Farano

Fall 1992


Digital Library

  • Map Resources for the Genealogist at the U.S. Library of Congress - Part 2, Edward David Luft
  • M.M. Secor, Anne Nicol Gaylor
  • The Czech Kroj, John Marvin
  • Bohemian Memories, Albyna Krysko
  • Z.C.B.J Lodges in the State of Minnesota, Fraternal Herald
  • Translations
  • An Example of Folk Festival as Vehicle to Create, Recreate and Maintain Ethnic Identity, K. Andreah Briarmoon

Summer 1992


Digital Library

  • House Name or Surname?, Staff of The Czech-American Historical Documentation Center, Spillville, Iowa
  • Map Resources for the Genealogist at the U.S. Library of Congress - Part 1, Edward David Luft
  • Postage Stamps and Genealogical Research, Clair Haberman
  • Names Which We Have Brought From Our Old Country, Vladimir Makovsky
  • Bohemian Catholics in Chicago, Eunice C. Semple
  • The Greatest of Czech Exiles, Miroslav Koudelka

Spring 1992


Digital Library

  • Czech and Slovak Genealogy Societies, Duncan Gardiner
  • Independent Order of Odd Fellows
  • Where Is My Home?, Mildred V. Waller
  • Czech Hero From Pardubice, Gayle Zajicek
  • Using A Loose-leaf Notebook/binder For My Family History, Kathryn Betlach Dankowski
  • Visit to a German-Bohemian Ancestral Village, Cecilie Gaziano
  • Churches in Czechoslovakia, Otakar Svoboda and Sona Svoboda
  • Ancestor Hunt in Veseli nad Luznici, Karleen Chott Sheppard

Winter 1992


Digital Library

  • Old Cadastral Maps, Milan Coupek
  • The Case of the Non-Existent Town, Bob Kraus
  • Should It Be A Hardbound Genealogy?, Al Kranz




Digital Library

  • Networking ... A Story of Our Society, Dave Pavelka
  • The Bohmisch (German-Bohemians) in America, Ken Meter and Robert Paulson
  • Documenting Czech Immigrant Arrivals, Leo Baca
  • Genealogical Research in Slovakia: A Short History, Milan Šišmiš
  • Researching our Ancestors from Moravia and Silesia, Jiří Ošanec
  • A Moravian Family: Thirteen Generations, Helene Baine Cincebeaux 
  • Early Slovak Communities in America, Louise Hammer 
  • Proudly Czech and Irrevocably Texan, Robert Janak

Fall 1991


Digital Library

  • Old Czech Measures and Weights, Ivan Dubovicky
  • Our Czech ancestors knew how to recycle..., John Marvin
  • Musical Roots Discovered and Celebrated, Anita Smisek and Joel Blahnik
  • I Located My Ancestral Village, Kathryn Betlach Dankowski
  • Let's Talk Family History: Tips On Oral History Interviewing, Kurt Kragness
  • What Can You Expect To Find When Your Ancestors Left Czechoslovakia 130 Years Ago?, Helene Cincebeaux

Summer 1991


Digital Library

  • C.G.S. Members Experience CSFR Archives, Paul Makousky
  • "Rolník," "Sedlák" and the Others, Ivan Dubovický
  • My Bohemian Ancestor, Rita Reichardt
  • Rusin History In A Nutshell
  • Success in Svaty Jur, Richard Chrappa
  • The Kolac, Evelyn Chernik
  • St. Wenceslaus Church, Waterloo, Wisconsin, Kate Radke
  • Photographs For Your Family History, Dolores Jorgenson
  • Slovak Phonebook Research, Andrew G. Fabula

Spring 1991


Digital Library

  • Eight Weeks in the Czechoslovak Archives, Duncan Gardiner
  • VITAME VAS (Welcome) to the CZECH & SLOVAK Museum and Library
  • Ceske Opera Foundation, John H. Marvin
  • Laddie's Naked Geese, John Marcin
  • What is there after the vital statistics?, Dolores Jorgenson

Winter 1991


Digital Library

  • Slovakia, Identify To The Past, Joe Hornack
  • Experiences With The Czech Archives, Donald Zak
  • The Czech Settlement of Steele County, Minnesota, Steve Wencl
  • While Digging For Roots, John Marvin

Fall 1990


Digital Library

  • Glasscutters, Eliska Stroblova Schoenfeld
  • Why Whole-Family Genealogy?, Duncan B. Gardiner
  • Minnesota German-Bohemian Heritage Society, Robert J. Paulson
  • LC G&M Austria-Hungary 1:75,000 Map Series, Andrew Fabula
  • Slovak Speaking Lutheran Churches In Chicago In Early 1900's, Elisabeth Wittman

Summer 1990


Digital Library

  • On Our Age-Old Homeland of Bohemia and Moravia, Vladimir Makovsky
  • Treasures of Slovak Folk Dress, Helene Cincebeaux
  • Hlasatel - A Czech Language Newsletter, Frances Besserman
  • Dejiny Spolku Sv. Vojtecha, Andrew G. Fabula

Spring 1990


Digital Library

  • Return to Langendorf, Frances Barrow
  • What's In A Name???, John H. Marvin
  • Kutna Hora, Dolores Jorgenson
  • Bohemian National Cemetery, Braidwood, Illinois, E. Semple
  • Kutna Hora - From There to Here!, Dolores E. Jorgenson

Winter 1990


Digital Library

  • Czech Tidbits, Joseph Polisensky
  • Moravsky Den 50, Jan Marvan

Fall 1989


Digital Library

  • Digging Up Dirt, Jan Marvan
  • Immigrants from Spiš County, Slovakia, Thomas A. Peter
  • Folk Costume Seminar, John H. Marvin

Summer 1989


Digital Library

  • The History of a Bohemian Village: Borova, Paul M. Makousky
  • Some Unexpected Luck In Vienna, Bill Chapman

Spring 1989


Digital Library

  • Broadway Avenue Historic District Cleveland, OH
  • St. John Nepomuk Catholic Church St. Louis, MO
  • Treasurer’s Report 1988
  • C.G.S. grows to 370 members
  • Board of Directors announce a genealogical newsletter