Our Villages


Many CGSI members have researched and even visited their ancestral villages, acquiring information, stories, and photos along the way. The Our Villages project helps members share and connect.

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Czech Republic

Benešov   |   Krásné   |   Malšice   |   Modřejovice
Neveklov   |   Pelhřimov   |   Strakonice
Telecí   |   Tvoršovice   |   Višňové


Bánovce nad Ondavou   |   Hrubov
   |   Sobotište

Share Your Connection

Maybe it was when you first entered your great-grandparent’s village. Perhaps it was when you were invited to and attended a cousin’s wedding. Or it may have been the time you sat at a table and shared a meal with people who treat you like family.

For those who have been fortunate and made a connection across time and space with relatives in the Czech or Slovak Republics, we want to hear your story.

Our hope is to preserve member’s stories so they:

  • show the connections being made by multiple people, in various places, over periods of time
  • inspire others to make connections

Ready to share your story?