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Articles include: The Art & Science of Oral History Digging up Dirt – Skeletons in Family Closets Czech Research – Czech Heritage Collection Immigrants from Spiš County…
Issue Theme: Tourist Attractions in Eastern Slovakia Following in the Footsteps of Good Soldier Švejk A Hidden Gem on the 49th Parallel Bardejov – Pearl of Slovakia: Hidden…
Issue Theme: Passports and Permission to Emigrate Records
Issue Theme: LDS Resources for Genealogists
Issue Theme: Families and Geography of the Policka Region
Issue Theme: Czech Settlements in Idaho Czechoslovakian Culture in the Buhl – Castleford Area My Slovak Grandfathers in Pennsylvania Little Falls – “Second” Myjava Education…
Issue Theme: Musical Instruments from the Czech and Slovak Lands Zadudej Dudacku!! (Bagpiper Play!!) An Overview of Violin Making in Egerland (Chebsko) Anton Simek: The Czech…
Issue Theme: Czech and Slovak Language and Cultural Camps and Schools
Issue Theme: Slovak Personalities in America 
Issue Theme: Noble Families and Peasants/Serfs Nobility in Upper Hungary (Slovakia) Slovak Peasants in Hungary Prior to World War I Bohemian Serfs – Part I Bohemian Serfs –…
Ceramic spoon rest reads Dobrou Chuť (Enjoy your meal) and Kiss the Cook, She's Czech.
This book spotlights incredible variety in the folk dress of western, central and eastern Slovakia and celebrates the village people who created such enduring beauty.
Call of Dudy: Bohemian Bagpipes Across Borders (DVD) is a 52 minute documentary film. One of the richest and most ethnically diverse bagpipe traditions can be found in Central…
Castles and Palaces of the Czech Republic and Slovakia (Hrady a Zámky) Coloring & Activity Book. A palace is a house where royalty or nobility live. Sometimes kings and…
Certified Czech T-Shirt. Grey T-Shirt with grey and red "CERTIFIED CZECH" large lettering on front.
CGSI Logo Polo Shirt. The vintage CGSI logo (family tree) and "Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International" are embroidered in the pocket area. The shirt is a beige color with…
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