Intro to Research


CGSI strives to help family historians whether they are just beginning their search or have been researching their genealogy for decades. This section is organized to help develop a plan to research Czech and Slovak ancestors. Each research section provides information and tools for the researcher.

Getting Started
Provides introductory steps to find and compile family information.

Using Archives
Guides researchers about how to navigate and decipher the valuable Czech and Slovak archives.

Which Records to Search
Presents the most likely records that contain information of interest.

How to Find Records
Includes record sources and the organizations that may assist in research.

Research Resources – USA & Canada
Lists places for information to research and trace family trees in the United States and Canada.

Genealogy Clubs
Provides contact information for European associations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

DNA Studies
Describes an ongoing Czech American DNA study into Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) testing and Y Chromosome testing, with results from DNA submissions to the study. Information includes how to submit DNA for participation in the study and shows ongoing data of completed results.

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