CGSI Projects


CGSI is a very active and engaged society continually looking for innovative ways to fulfill its Mission. As an all-volunteer organization, we work together to preserve, share, and celebrate our common heritage.

Below are projects which are in progress or about to start in 2022. Each needs volunteers to help accomplish the project's goals.

Review the project summaries below and decide where your knowledge, skills, and interests could best be used, and then email volunteers@CGSI.org with your name and interest.

Each Project Team will meet virtually and be led by a volunteer Project Coordinator.  Time commitment and hours are flexible.  Please consider joining in the fun with fellow CGSI member volunteers!

Project Name Project Summary Volunteer Needs
CGSI Pioneer and Century Family Records

CGSI holds over 400 submissions by members requesting Pioneer and Century Family Certificates. Included in each is documentation that often includes European village names, ancestry charts, and other documentation of value to our members in conducting research. A spreadsheet of extracted data from all of the submitted family certificates has been drafted.

Next Steps

  • Need to find the best way to share the information from the spreadsheet.
  • The original submissions will need to be evaluated for the best way to share the information while maintaining appropriate privacy.
  • Project Coordinator
  • Individual volunteers to sort and organize data

Interested? Email volunteers@CGSI.org

Conference Surnames

Attendees at the 2017, 2019, and 2021 CGSI conferences submitted surnames and locations. This data is currently separate from the main CGSI Surname Database on the website.

Next Step

  • Incorporate the data into the main CGSI Surname Database.
  • Project Coordinator
  • Individual volunteers to standardize data
  • Volunteer knowledgeable with databases and/or Drupal

Interested? Email volunteers@CGSI.org

Theme Pages on Website

Help members find resources through curated topic pages with relevant CGSI and external resources. Topics could include articles pertaining to immigration, occupations, religion, folk art, specific villages, etc. Material linked on each topic page would include articles from Naše rodina, recorded presentations, and other web resources.

Example pages:

Next steps

  • Decide on topics to be presented.
  • Locate relevant resource materials for each topic.
  • Project Coordinator
  • Individual volunteers to locate appropriate materials for topics selected
  • Volunteer knowledgeable with web publishing

Interested? Email volunteers@CGSI.org

Our Villages

Engage members through individual web pages with village information. Each page would include a map of the village location with photos and text written by members. Members would be encouraged to submit their photos and stories for their village(s). Each village page would be created from a standard template to create consistency in content.

Example page:

Next steps

  • Decide on standard format/content for village page.
  • Encourage members to submit content for their village(s).
  • Publish pages and keep village map current.
  • Project Coordinator
  • Volunteers to coordinate member submissions
  • Volunteers to edit and publish pages

Interested? Email volunteers@CGSI.org

Czech and Slovak History Map of North America Identify and plot major sites of historical significance to Czechs, Slovaks, Moravians, and Rusyns. Locations of interest could include Sokols and other fraternal halls, churches, businesses, restaurants, and more.
  • Volunteers to identify sites (will need knowledgeable people for each city/state)

Interested? Email volunteers@CGSI.org

Resource Table: Czech and Slovak Cemeteries in North America

Create a list of cemeteries across North America with significant Czech, Slovak, Rusyn, German-Bohemian populations.

Next step

  • Research & locate information to add to a master spreadsheet
  • Project Coordinator
  • Volunteers to solicit, research, verify, and edit data

Interested? Email volunteers@CGSI.org

Collage of photographs