As a courtesy to its members, CGSI is pleased to provide these references of members who specialize in travel and tours of ancestral lands of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. (Travel guides are listed below alphabetically.)

Resource Name Company Name

Primary Region

Travel Guide / Tour Features Contact Information

Mark (Vasko) Bigaouette
Czech Heritage Tours, Inc.


Czech Republic

  • Visit little-known regions and heritage villages
  • Local restaurants, culture, folk artists, and industries
  • Two-to-four-night stays at hotels, no single-night stays
  • Private family tours or larger group tours
  • Arranges contact with relatives prior to departures

Czech Heritage Tours
2101 South Meridian Road #59
Apache Junction, AZ  85120

(651) 426-1222

Helene Cincebeaux
Treasures Tours



  • Visit castles and onion-domed wooden churches
  • Visit ancestral villages for local food, crafts. music, and festivals
  • Ride a raft on the Dunajec River
  • Castle stay

7 Walt Place
Palm Coast, FL  32164

(386) 385-8527

Rev. Jan Dus
Rev. Jan’s Genealogical and Travel Services


Czech Republic

Central Europe (Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary)

  • Ancestral villages
  • Sightseeing: castles, historical towns
  • Hiking and biking trips
  • Food tours
  • Wine/Beer tours
  • Individual interest tours
  • Hotel and restaurant recommendations
  • Personalized consultations prior to and during your trip
  • Complete personalized, custom itinerary for each tour
  • Personal guide, interpreter, and driver
  • Single-family or large group tours
  • Transportation options for single-family and larger groups
  • Genealogy research on ancestral villages prior to departure to locate living relatives

E. Vencovského 1141
572 01  Polička
Czech Republic

+420 739 244 860

Dr. Miroslav Koudelka
Ancestral Trips & Just for Fun Tours


Czech Republic


  • Complete personalized, custom itinerary for each tour
  • Lodging reservations, airport, and hotel pick-up and return
  • Locate living relatives
  • Any length of stays from a day to a few weeks
  • Trips to other regions of Central and Western Europe also available

Přichystalova 43
772 00  Olomouc
Czech Republic

mk@czechfamily.com, mirekk@volny.cz, familyhistory@seznam.cz
+420 603 326 285

Judith Northup-Bennett
Slovakia Heritage Tours



  • Annual small group tour each September
  • Native Slovak guide
  • Visit ancestral villages
  • Immersion in Slovak culture, history, and traditions
  • Custom options include day trips, locate living relatives, hikes, or other amenities

Slovakia Heritage Tours
6 Cooleyville Road Ext.
New Salem, MA  01355

(978) 544-5144

Mgr. Michal Razus
Slovak Ancestry



  • Personalized private ancestral and heritage tours
  • Personal guide, interpreter, and driver
  • Fully customized itineraries can include highlights of Slovak history and nature
  • Offers option of exclusive hand-painted version of your family tree created for you by artistic partners
Magurská 5
080 01  Prešov

+421 918 328 322

Tom and Marie Zahn
P.A.T.H. Finders International


Czech Republic

  • Family tours
  • Thematic day trips in Prague and other locales
  • Independent, personalized itinerary to ancestral villages
  • Genealogical research for contact with living relatives
  • Guided travel options throughout Central Europe

P.A.T.H. Finders International
Na Homoli #5
143 00  Prague 4
Czech Republic

(360) 450-5959


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