Upcoming Issues of Naše rodina


Future themes selected for upcoming issues of Naše rodina are:

Publication Date Theme
December 2020 Genealogy and Culture Websites
  • A Journey Through Blanka’s Genealogy Blog
  • Using Facebook as a Genealogical Tool
  • Exploring CGSI’s Website
  • Finding Your Way in FamilySearch
  • Slovak Pride’s 33,000 Surname Database & Facebook Group
  • Tracing Your Immigrant Ancestors with MyHeritage
March 2021 Czechs, Slovaks, German Bohemians in Milwaukee/Racine Area
June 2021 Czechs, Slovaks, and German-Bohemians in South America
September 2021 Czech and Slovak Jews

CGSI welcomes your submission of potential articles and stories about history and culture that have genealogical significance. If you would like to submit a potential article for a future issue, or have a suggestion for a future theme, please review how to submit articles for Naše rodina.

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