Francis TINTERA Sr, wife Anna DUPATSCH and family

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Francis TINTERA Sr was born approx 1815 (in or near Praha Bohemia). He married his wife Anna DUPATSCH in or about the year 1843 somewhere in Bohemia. Do not know when this couple came to America but know they both died later in St Louis MO. Based on St John Nepomuk church records in St Louis MO I think they came to America before 1854. One of their sons was Francis J. TINTERA Jr (born 20 Jun 1844) who married Anna TRINGL on 24 Oct 1865 in St Louis MO. Francis J. TINTERA Jr also came to St Louis MO, Believe Francis J. TINTERA Jr came to America before 1854 and died in ST Louis MO. Siblings for Francis J. TINTERA were Anna K TINTERA born about 1846 (died in St Louis MO), Wenzel TINTERA born 1bout 1848 (died in St Louis MO), Mary J. TINTERA born 15 Aug 1852 (died in St Louis MO), Johanna TINTERA born 1 Oct 1856 (died in St Louis MO), Catherine TINTERA born 1861 and Theresa born 26 Mar 1864 (died in St Louis MO). Looking for baptismal records to confirm these dates.



Ron, I find this very interesting. I have ancestors named Tintera (Matej) that were originally from around Prague (Koupe).  Their daughter Anna married a Frantisek Cervenka whose son Josef (my great grandfather) emigrated to St. Louis then eventually to Chicago.

They did attend St. John Nepomuk.

Could there be a connection?

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In my tree I have two Matej TINTERA's in the same family.  The first which I call Matej #1 was born in Koupe central Bohemia house #7 on 27 Jan 1789.  The second which I call Matej #2 was also born in Koupe central Bohemia house #7 on 3 Mar 1810.  I have not done any research on descendants of these two people so sure there could be a connection I would think.

The real maiden surname for Anna was Dupac. She used the Dupatsch maiden surname in America.

The shoebox feature of LDS family search is really handy. I found all the church records you told me about. This is so fun!!!

Bless you. I have got work to do. Thank goodness that Priest Rev. Josef Hessoun went the extra mile to record parents names and origin towns. This was so helpful.

Prior to the opening of St. John Nepomuk Church in 1854 in St. Louis, the early Czech Catholic immigrants to St. Louis attended St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, St. Mary of Victories Catholic Church, and/or Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church. You might considering searching the baptismal registers for these parishes, if you haven’t already done so. These churches are all located in very close proximity to St. John Nepomuk Church. Rev. Josef Hessoun arrived at St. John Nepomuk Church in 1865. He usually recorded the village in Bohemia where the immigrants were from. Suggest you look for the siblings marriage records at St. John Nepomuk Church, if you haven’t already done so. You need a village of origin in order to locate the baptismal records in Bohemia.