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Searching for descendants of the Martinek surname from the villages of Chmelná and Studený in the 1600-1700 timeframe.  Any and all descendants are of interest!

Jerry Martinek



I am wondering if Studeny in Slovakia old town name is Studienska or Hasprunka

Austria-Hungary. My husband's father is from there coming to America 1921.

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Hello Annajohn

I have lused some gazetteers to look for a town listed as "Studeny" in Slovkia and I do not find one. There are variations of the name in the Czech Republic, Silesia and Hungary. Do you have a parish name for the village you are looking for? Or can you find it on a map? That will help. If not, there is a chance that someone was referring to Studienska when they wrote the word Studeny.


Greetings Jerry

I'm rather new on my search for family history Martinek. It seems my family came from Dolni Bukovsko/Vesce. My grandmother was Flora Martinek 1898? birth year. Her father was Vaclav "James" Martinek DOB Sept 20, 1857. I believe her mother was Anastasia Swobodna/Svoboda. I have not verified yet, but hope to as my research goes on. My confusion is that there are 2 families with similar names and arrival to the United States 1908. 

Any help is much appricated 

Christina Purkerson

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Hi, Christina, Sorry for the delayed response.  I do not believe there are any ties between the Martinek families in the Dolni Bukovsko area and my family in the Chmelna/Studeny area.  I have done a lot of research in the villages just east of Dolni Bukovsko as my Simek and Danek families are from Zablati and Bosilec.  I've seen records for the Martinek name, but do not believe there is any tie to my Martinek ancestry.  Keep searching!!!! :)