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My ancestors emigrated from Bohemia in the 1880s and settled in Cleveland. I have been able to track down almost all of them except my third great-grandmother, Barbora Urbanová (née Šadková). I've found Barbora parents' birth and death records in the Prague State Regional Archives, but I'm not even sure if she immigrated with her husband Matěj. Is there a way I can figure out what happened to her?


Christine Kelley


Hi Christine,

There should be the way to find out. Did you search, please, the Leo Baca's Passenger Lists on this website ( She might travel with another relative(s). I don't know the details, but you probably already checked the US Federal Census for the time she might be living in the US (except Census 1890). Search local newspapers (including those in Czech) for obituaries, including obituaries for her maiden name in a case her siblings came and she would be mentioned. 

There is a possibility she stayed behind for various reasons - then the records will be in the CR, including her death record. Search first in the same books and parishes you found her parents and possibly her siblings, including the place her husband originated. If she emigrated, there might be a note added to her birth or marriage record.

The CGSI website might give you more ideas where else to look for records (under Resources). In addition, you are welcome to join us quarterly for an open free online discussion (the link to join will be on this website under News & Events, next one is on Nov. 5). Thank you. Iveta B.