Otakar Polesny

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Hello, I am searching for a Otakar Poleany who may be a brother or a cousin of my Grandmother Antonie Polesna. I have found Antonie's birth record on under the town of Kolin in 1896 but did not find Otakar. I have a postcard written by Otakar Polesny addressed to Antonie and have tried to translate it without much success. I have googled Otakar Polesny and what i found was a post of a picture of his grave which was found on It is in a Catholic cemetery on the southern side of Velky Osek. His grave stone shows a picture of him which matches the postcard picture. According to the post of the picture on he was born in 1889 and died in 1925. I do see where there was a daughter Manicka who was born in 1921 and died befor Otakar in 1925. From what geneology research i have done usually the birth and death records are found first, then the grave site is found. Again i am trying to determine relationship of Otakar Polesny to my Grandmother and any birth or death records would help. Any help? He may have worked on the electric railroad. He may have been in the Czech military as well.

Thanks, Ken Petrow Ohio, USA