Researching Bajtos / Gwozdz from Odorin, Eastern Slovkia

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I''m seeking birth marriage records for Maria Bajtos ( nee Gwozdz) who emigrated from Odorin, Slovakia to Homestead, PA in 1903. 

The town of her birth was Brezovica , however I have so far found two towns with the same name. 

The town she lived in after marriage was Markušovce 

It is my understanding that it is likely that I will have to rely on local church records to find Maria's birth and marriage records. 

I am willing to travel to the area to conduct the research but am seeking guidance on narrowing down the search ( specific parish/church) as much as possible prior to making a trip. 

I'm happy to assist others in their research efforts while in the country if their ancestors are from Eastern Slovakia.



Jeremy Konko - 710 West Creekside Drive, , Houston, TX 77024


Hello Jeremy,

Your place should be Brezovica nad Torysou, district Sabinov, Prešov region (in Hungarian records could be as Berzevicze). The marriage in Markušovce (in Hung. Markusfalu). You are correct, the best approach is to check the church records at website. You should be able to find the birth and marriage record online on this website (the years you need may be there). If you need more help, please, let us know. Thank you. Iveta