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Looking for family links in Bohemia for my great great grandparents

Herman J Hanika (Hanicka) from Klattau or Kladrau

Katherine Losch (Loesch, Lash) from Leskan



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Hi, Michael, Can you give us the approximate birth year for Herman and Katherine?  I'm guessing with the given name of Herman, he may be from western Bohemia and the village of Klattau is probably the German version of Klatovy.  If you give me an idea of when he was born, I'll give it a search if you are not familiar with the archives.  Or, give me the birth of Katherine.  Were they married in Bohemia?  About when did they immigrate?  Where did they settle in the US after first arriving?  Were they related to any of their neighbors and if so, what were their surnames?  Lots of questions that can help move your research forward.  Wiling to give it a try to help you out a bit.


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Thank you so much, Jerry

What we believe is that Herman (Hermann) either came from Klattau,(Klatovy)  or from Kladrau (Kladruby).  He was born July 11, 1829. And he emigrated in 1856, going to Fond du Lac, WI. No knowledge that there was any family here when they arrived. They had 8 kids in Fond du Lac, and I found baptism records for 3 of them in Fond du Lac and Calumet, Wi, nearby.  They moved to Richardson County, NE in 1868, the year my great grandfather was born., and had 3 more kids  ( Catholic)

We think Katherine (Losch, sometimes spelled Loesch, Losh or Lash)was born in Leskan ( Lestkov ) Plzensky, ) in 1835  Her brother, John Losch emigrated in  1882 at the age of 28.  We think he was also born in Leskan

We are not sure if they were married in Bohemia ( Klattau) , as one family account says, but I have record that they were married in Fond duLac in 1856 after their arrival at the Catholic Church.

Thanks for any help you might be able to give me.  We are planning a trip to Czechia in March and hope to find as much info as we can before lour trip