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 I hit big annoying roadblocks. Now my great grandfather immigrated from Kochanovce, Hungary (Slovakia today). I don't have dates. But his son was born in Hammond, Indiana. So we are told. I called the Eparchy for information both email and phone. No response. My grandfather moved back to Kochanovce Slovakia after WWl. He is buried there. The cemetery still hasn't gotten back to me. What am I missing besides the correct info?





Hi Mike,

If it is the Kochanovce place by Sečovce, then this  place is already a part of Sečovce. The cemetery's administrator should be the town of Sečovce The vital records would be at closest Matrika  or Matričný úrad (Civil Registry Office). Note: The town of Sečovce belongs to district of Trebišov. The other Kochanovce, northeast from Secovce, belongs to district  of Humenne. (46 km away).  


The district would be Humenne, close to the town of Secovce. Not sure when the name was changed from Tkac to Tkach. I sent an email to the secretary to the mayor of the town. Never heard back.

I checked into the 1900 and 1910 US Census. 


Hello Mike,

There are three places in Slovakia with the name of Kochanovce, one in Humenne district, one in Bardejov district, and one is Adamovske Kochanovce in Trencin district. Do you already know the right place, please? If not yet, you may check the 1900 and 1910 US Census for the immigration year (if your ancestor was in the US at that time), and then check the Ellis Island (NY) records for similar arrival year, and also the columns of the Last residence and Who they left behind (father, mother or brother with a complete address might be listed). 

All these three places have their official websites and you can possibly contact the City Hall for assistance and/or advice.

Feel free to contact us further or if you need more clarification. Check also the CGSI website, Resources tab, for some ideas. Thank you.