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My daughter-in-Law's grandparents are Andrew Rigerly born 15/12 /1903 in Pozdovce and Mary Stefan  born 20/3/1913 in Michalovce. I am trying to help her with her research but have been unable to disdover exactly where to look. Can anyone give me advice please??? Thank you

Daniel Barr

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Hi, Daniel, This is just a guess, but both villages you list appear to be in Slovakia and the name Andrew Rigerly appears to be anglicized as does Mary Stefan.  FamilySearch is one source for birth/marriage/death records in Slovakia.  Log in is free.  I did a quick look on Marie Stefan since is appears to be the closes Slovak spelling.  Here is a link to a record of a Marie Stefan in Michalovce:

The spouse of Maria is Jrulák Andrej.  Andrej, of course, is a direct tie to Andrew.  Rigerly may be what was chosen to replace Jrulák.

Another site to try is as it tends to have a lot of information for European research.

Good luck!