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Volume 24 Number 1 March 2012 Theme: Probate Records and Wills
  • Where There’s A Will There’s a Way
  • How to Find Your Ancestors in Probate Records and Wills
  • Emigration Story in 1850s from Hamburg to America
  • The Treasures that Await Us …
  • Grosse Ile, Quebec as an Immigration Point
  • First Summer in South Dakota, Chapter VII
  • A Brief History of Union Theological Seminary
  • Makota Surname Project
  • Central and Eastern European Conference
  • Periodicals Available for Members/Organizations
Volume 23 Number 4 December 2011 Theme: LDS Resources for Genealogists
  • The ABCs of Family
  • Czech and Slovak Resources at the Family History Library (except digitized)
  • History of the CGSI Web Site
  • Czech and Slovak Electronic Resources in Family Search
  • Conference of Compatriot Genealogists in the U.S.A.
  • St. Louis Conference Attendee Announcements
  • Call for Papers – 2013 Chicago Conference
  • A look ahead to the 2013 Genealogical/Cultural Conference
  • The History of the Czech and Slovak Baptists in North America
  • Finding Semon/Simon/Symon Family in Northeast Bohemia
  • History of St. Paul Achdiocese Church Record Uploads
Volume 23 Number 3 September 2011 Theme: Czechs in North Dakota
  • How Did Genealogy Ever Bring Me Here?
  • Czech Settlements in North Dakota
  • Gustav Fristensky, 1879-1957 Preserving the Czech Legend
  • Professor Jozef Novak’s 80 year Anniversary
  • St. Louis Conference, Down to the Wire
  • History of Sokol Saint Louis
  • Slate of Candidates for Office 2012-2014
  • The Beginnings of Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church at Bechyne, North Dakota
  • CGSI’s 2012 Salt Lake City Symposium
Volume 23 Number 2 June 2011 Theme: Czechs and Slovaks of St. Louis
  • Bohemian Literary Society of St. Louis
  • Holy Trinity Slovak Parish in St. Louis, Missouri
  • Roslyn, Washington Cemeteries
  • Remembering Our Mutual Friend Franz “Frank” Soural, 1932-2011
  • Meet Some Features Speakers for the St. Louis Conference
  • Registration booklet sign-up for October’s St. Louis Conference
  • A Bohemian Family Comes to Jefferson County, Missouri
  • A Pipe in a Trunk
  • Czech Peasant and Emigration Museum – 10 Year History
Volume 23 Number 1 March 2011 Theme: Guilds - Masters and Apprentices
  • Sweet Story: The Honey-cake Maker’s Guild
  • Craft Guilds in North Moravia
  • Czech Guilds and Genealogy
  • Czech and Slovak Research at St. Louis County Library: Online Resources
  • Czech and Slovak Research at St. Louis County Library: Printed Resources
  • Warmth and Style: Furriers Dressed Nobles and Peasants
  • Guilds in Pentapolitana
  • Lakewood, Ohio’s “Birdtown” – an Early Slovak Enclave
  • Using Facebook for Genealogy
Volume 22 Number 4 December 2010 Theme: Slovak Lutherans in America
  • St. Lucas and Affiliated Slovak Lutheran Churches
  • Jaroslav Vajda: Poet Laureate of the Hymn World
  • A History of the Holy Emmanual Slovak Lutheran Church
  • Ss. Peter and Paul Church Serving Slovak Lutherans in Chicago For More than 100 Years
  • A Complicated Example of a Changing Bohemian Surname
  • St. John’s Evangelical Luthern Church, Cudahy, Wisconsin
  • Ss. Cyril and Methodius Parish in East St. Louis, Illinois
Volume 22 Number 3 September 2010 Theme: Family History and Documentation
  • Finding Michael Finch – Part I
  • The Emigration Saga of the Family of Tomas Kohout
  • Aleksander Dukhnovych, Priest, Historian, Publisher
  • The Bohemian Jews of St. Louis
  • St. Louis Conference Sessions
  • The Roma of Moravia and of Silesia, 1740-1945
Volume 22 Number 2 June 2010 Theme: Glass Production Industry
  • History of Bohemian Glassmaking
  • Hennepin County Minnesota Marriage Records
  • History of Glassworks in Slovakia
  • Made in Czechoslovakia
  • Czechoslovakian Perfumes 101
  • My Chodsko
  • Slovglass Poltar
  • Five Strategies for Finding Female Ancestors
  • Czech Republic Archive Records Available On-line
Volume 22 Number 1 March 2010 Theme: Czech and Slovak Surnames
  • A Genealogist’s View of Czech Family Names
  • CGSI 2009 Conference – A Rewarding Experience
  • Etymology of Selected Slovak Surnames and Their Latin and Hungarian Variants
  • St. Peter and St. Paul Orthodox Church in Burr Ridge, Illinois
  • The Name Game: Five Tips for Researching Slovak Ancestors
  • Recipe for Finding a Cousin: How a 3 × 5 Card Helped Me to Find a Relative at the 2009 Conference
  • Bostonians Finally Succeed in Discovering Their Czech Roots
  • The Surprise of Genealogy
  • Czech Name Days Calendar
Volume 21 Number 4 December 2009 Theme: Earliest Slovak and Czech Fraternals in the USA
  • Since 1854: America’s Fraternal Benefit Societies Start with the Czechs in St. Louis
  • Baba and Bobalky: A Slovak Family Christmas
  • Wedding Contracts in 19th Century Bohemia
  • Finding Bala
  • The Beginnings of Slovak Fraternal Societies in the USA
  • Looking Back at the Cleveland Conference
  • Call for Papers, 2011 St. Louis Conference
Volume 21 Number 3 September 2009 Theme: Slovak Personalities in America
  • Albert Paul Mamatey (1870-1923)
  • Josef Murgas (1864-1929)
  • For God and Nation: The Reverend Stefan Furdek, 1855-1915
  • Jan Pankuch’s Book and Life Events’ Role in Documenting High Impact People for Slovak Institute Files
  • Ambassador of Women to the World, Betka Papanek (8 Feb 1900-30 Nov 1995)
  • Cleveland Conference Update
  • Super Slovaks and Remarkable Rusyns
  • Information on Two Rusin Societies from Cleveland
  • Peter Vitazoslav Rovnianek: the Tenacious Slovak-American Nationalist
  • CGSI 2010 Lincoln, Nebraska Symposium—April 30 and May 1, 2010
Volume 21 Number 2 June 2009 Theme: Immigration of South Bohemians to the Midwest
  • . . . this place . . . Spillville
  • Stories from the dusky hour: When Czech Villagers talked about those who had left
  • Chicago Settlers from Trebon area Villages
  • Beckoned to a New Land (Czechs in Oxford Junction, IA)
  • The Founding of the Group Libuse (Unity of Czech Women, Lodge #1 Cleveland)
Volume 21 Number 1 March 2009 Theme: Ethnic Churches' Role in Genealogy
  • Divine Intervention: A Tale of Three Ethnic Churches and a Flock of Ancestors
  • Faith Presbyterian Church of Minnetonka, “The Friendly Church on the Hill”
  • A Cleveland Legacy—Immigration History at the Western Reserve Historical Society
  • V Pittsburghu, Studujem po Slovensky: Summer Slovak Studies in Pittsburgh
  • 2009 Cleveland Conference Update
Volume 20 Number 4 December 2008 Theme: Bohemians and Moravians in Kansas
  • The Voda Road People: The Trego County Kansas Czechs (1878-1930)
  • The Czech and German Pioneer of the Big Timber Community
  • Pamatnik Book Translation
  • Cleveland chosen as site of Czech and Slovak Genealogy Conference
  • Visualizing SIL; the Slovak Institute and Reference Library Homepage
  • Slovak-Americans in the Great Steel Strike
  • Finding Your Elusive Eastern European Ancestors: 10 Myths Busted
Volume 20 Number 3 September 2008 Theme: U.S. Land Records used for Genealogy
  • Learning About Your Family History in Homestead Records
  • Perusing Pennsylvania Land Records: Printed sources and Web Sites
  • Where you can find Land Records for your state
  • Sponsor a 2009 Conference Speaker!
  • Baltimore’s Ceska’ vesnice (Czech Village)
  • Mapping Your Family History through Land Records
  • Slate of Candidates for Office 2009-2011
  • Where our Heritage was born: Czechs in Virginia find their ancestral village
  • Lending Library update
  • Update on the Floods of 2008 at the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library
Volume 20 Number 2 June 2008 Theme: CGSI's 20th Anniversary Issue
  • 20 Years of Accomplishments of CGSI
  • Errata for article, Franz Josef, Emperor of Austria and Apostolic King of Hungary
  • A 20 year history of dedication…how and why the Society got started
  • “Remembering Your Roots: The Role of Ethnic Genealogical Socieities in Family History Research”
  • CGSI Participation in FEEFHS Conferences and Other Events
  • Discovery of My Family in Slovakia
  • Genealogy Themes Can Assist You in Your Research
  • A Perfect Weekend for the Seattle Symposium
  • The Power of DNA: Discovering Lost and Hidden Relationships
  • CGSI’s Family Certificate Awardees 1996 – 2008
Volume 20 Number 1 March 2008 Theme: German Ports and Shipping Companies
  • Bremen and Hamburg: The Ports, Shipping Companies and Agents
  • Using the Hamburg Passenger List Database on
  • Locating Immigrant Ship Pictures
  • Chronological History of the Hamburg Amerika Line and its Ships, 1847-1919
  • German Terms Found on Passenger Ship Manifests
  • The 1715 Tax List in Slovak Family Histroy Research
  • Franz Josef, Emperor of Austria and Apostoloc King of Hungary
Special Edition February 2008 Theme: Availability of Czech Republic Genealogical Research Documents
  • The Czech Archive Network and Its Less Well-Known Holdings for Genealogical Research
  • Bohemia after the Thirty Years War: Historical Sources Deposited in the National Archives in Prague
Volume 19 Number 4 December 2007 Theme: Advice to Genealogists Traveling to the Homeland
  • Plans and Surprises: The Perfect Balance for an Unforgettable Trip to Slovakia
  • Independent Travel to the Czech and Slovak Republics
  • A Short Biography of Thomas Michael Becvar, 1881-1966
  • Driving in the Czech and Slovak Republics; General advice about driving in Central Europe
  • Case of the Lost Credit Card
  • After the Interview
  • 2008 Seattle Symposium Draws Nearer
  • How to Avoid the Cultural Shock in Czechia
  • Call For Papers – 2009 Cleveland Conference
  • Bozena Nemcova
  • A Family reunion with a Different Twist
  • A Marathon Visit to Bohemian Villages
Volume 19 Number 3 September 2007 Theme: Czechs and Slovaks of the Pacific Northwest
  • The Czech Settlement in Malin, Oregon
  • Czech National Archive Exhibition Coming To The Madison Conference
  • Oral History Made Easy
  • Scio, Oregon – Where A Czech is Good as Cash
  • The Czechs and Slovaks in Washington State
  • The Slovaks in Roslyn, Washington
  • Eastern Canadian Points of Entry for Immigrants as the multitude of Europeans experienced them in the 19th Century
  • CGSI’s 2008 Symposium to be held in Seattle
  • Slate of Candidates for Office 2008-2010
  • Tidbits of Slovaks and Czechs in Oregon
Volume 19 Number 2 June 2007 Theme: Gazetteers and Maps as Research Tools
  • Using the Ortslexikon Sudetenland to Find Village Names
  • Where is That? Utilizing Place Name Guides to Find Your Ancestral Village
  • Gundacker’s Online Gazetteer of Austria, Czech Republic and Slovenian Republic
  • The Story of Josef Morawetz
  • 2007 CGSI Madison Conference
  • What’s Available in the Zemepisny Lexikon CR
  • St. Wenceslaus’s Bells Ring Once Again
  • The Early History of Litomysl, Minnesota
  • Celebrating 100 Years of Czech Language Instruction at UN-L
  • Slovak Studies Program at the University of Pittsburgh
  • CGSI Offers 36 Slovak Student Essay Summaries for Sale
Volume 19 Number 1 March 2007 Theme: Ethnic Minorities in the Czech and Slovak Republics
  • The Tatra Highlanders: The Gorale of Galicia and Slovakia’s Orava, Liptov and Spis Counties
  • Minorities in Slovakia
  • The Kingdom of Bohemia volumes (Das Konigreich Bohmen)
  • Village Life in Old German Bohemia
  • “If You Don’t Want Them, Shred Them”, Beginning Genealogy column
  • Frantisek Valek, A Moravian Potter and Farmer (Czech student winning essay)
  • About the CGSI Lending Library (Request Form, List of Books available)
Volume 18 Number 4 December 2006 Theme: Jewish Genealogy Research and Culture
  • There Once Was A World
  • The Cultural Heritage of the Jewish People in the Czech Land
  • Presov – Centre of Northeastern Slovakia and Its Past
  • Czech Students Honored for their Essays
  • John Kerry’s Family History as an example of Search for Jewish Ancestry
  • My Family History (a Slovak student winning essay)
  • Celebrating Our Heritage!
Volume 18 Number 3 September 2006 Theme: Czech and Slovak Language and Cultural Camps and Schools
  • Passing the Torch: Rekindling the Flame of Czech and Slovak Heritage
  • Vsude Cech bratra ma: Czech Language Course for Krajani at Dobruska
  • Out of this Furnace
  • Bohemian Land Records of the Krajnik Family
  • Folk Dress in the Czech Republic: Its Roots, Evolution and Present
  • Studia Academica Slovaca – Forty Years of Teaching Slovak
  • Studia Academica Slovaca – A Current Perspective
  • Doane Collage Czech Studies Elderhostel
Volume 18 Number 2 June 2006 Theme: Slovak Genealogical Research
  • Slovak Records in the Family History Library – Salt Lake City
  • Hungarian 1869 Census
  • Fraternally Yours: Finding Clues about Your Ancestors in Fraternal Records
  • Chodove Memorial – Remembering the Czechs Who Established This Village
  • The Slovak Pride Database Reaches 24,000 Surnames . . . and a lovely life the flowers lived . . .
  • Persistence of Memory: Recalling Texas Valachs
  • Look what a little networking did!