2023 CGSI Conference Presentations & Workshops


The 2023 CGSI Conference programming includes presentations and workshops.



Conference Presentations

  • Beginning Slovak Genealogy by Lisa Alzo
  • Exploring New Frontiers in Genealogy by Lisa Alzo
  • Population and Urbarial Census of Hungary from the 1600s to 1930 by Bill Tarkulich
  • Rooted in ancient legacy: Seasonal traditions in Slovakia by Gabriela Bereghazyova and Zuzana Palovic
  • What can we learn from the case of Czechoslovakia about freedom? By Gabriela Bereghazyova and Zuzana Palovic   
  • The Old Country and the New World: Recovering Severed Ties by Gabriela Bereghazyova and Zuzana Palovic
  • Surrounded by Beauty - Czech & Slovak Folk Dress . . . . What Our Ancestors Wore, Why They Wore it and What it Meant by Helene Cincebeaux
  • Magnificent Icons & Precious Wooden Churches of Bohemia, Moravia & Slovakia - some still stand from the 1400s! by Helene Cincebeaux  
  • The Cycle of Life in Bohemian, Moravian and Slovak Villages by Helene Cincebeaux
  • All You Should Know Before Visiting Your Ancestral Village by Jan Dus
  • Find It Yourself - Genealogical Resources Available On-Line? By Jan Dus
  • Racine, the Czech Bethlehem by Janis Douglass
  • Czechs in Milwaukee: The Complicated Ties to the Homeland, 1914-1918 by Stepanka Magstadt and Gerald Novotny  
  • The Moravian Field Register by Marek Blahuš
  • Administrative Divisions of the Czech Lands from the Middle Ages to the Present by Marek Blahuš
  • How Computers Can Help Us Understand Czech by Marek Blahuš
  • Homes of Our Czech Ancestors in the Old Fatherland by Miroslav Koudelka
  • Sedlák, Pasekàř, Fleischhacker or Inquilinus? Let Us Get Acquainted with the Professions of Our Czech Ancestors by Miroslav Koudelka
  • Interesting Stories Both of Famous and Obscure Sights of the Czech Republic by Miroslav Koudelka
  • How to Research Czech Birth/Marriage/Death Registers on the Internet: A Practical Lesson by Miroslav Koudelka
  • Wives, Widows, and Daughters: Working Women of 19th Century East Bohemia by Diana Bigelow
  • Futures Trading: Emigration & the Changing Economy of 19th Century Lanškroun by Diana Bigelow
  • The Civil Code of Austria and why it matters for Czech Researchers by Kate Challis
  • How to Use Czech Land Records by Kate Challis and Greg Nelson
  • Early Wisconsin Czechs by Kate Challis
  • Czech Immigration and the Americanization Debate, 1880-1930 by Evelyn Funda
  • German and Czech Emigration from the Liechtenstein Estate of Landskron / Lanškroun Bohemia to the Midwest by Ed Langer
  • Finding Bohemia by Way of England by Joan Naomi Steiner
  • High Tide of High Hopes and Unlimited Opportunities: The Wave of Emigration from Tepla Monastery Villages in Western Bohemia to Calumet County, WI from 1850-1890 by Joan Naomi Steiner   
  • Jacob Sternberger: The Story of an Immigrant from German-Speaking Bohemia to Wisconsin by Antje Petty
  • Settlement and History of Lanškroun Manor by Jim Kleinschmidt
  • Farmers of Lanškroun Manor by Jim Kleinschmidt
  • What Did Babka (and everyone else) Do During the War? By Bill Tarkulich
  • My Little Town: The Carpatho-Rusyn Villages of Zboj and Nova Sedlica, Slovakia 1700-1945
  • Interpreting History of Rusyn Villages based on Church Schematismus Data by Christine Hrichak
  • Crowd-Sourcing Carpatho-Rusyn Places in the United States by Christine Hrichak
  • Time Machine by Jan Dus
  • Beer in Czech and Slovak History by Jan Dus
  • Before the Boat - Exploring the Practicalities of Tickets, Train Travel, Ports and Steamships at the Turn of the 20th Century by Joe Gayetsky
  • No More Excuses: 10 Family History Writing Tips for Procrastinators by Lisa Alzo
  • More than Manifests: A Baker’s Dozen of Immigrant Ancestor Records by Lisa Alzo
  • Get Organized with Research Logs by Lisa Alzo
  • Searching for Czech Cousins Using Autosomal DNA by Marek Blahuš
  • DNA is Digital: Understanding Blocks and Segments by Kevin Borland
  • Reconstructing Clara Dzyban by Kevin Borland
  • How to Use the Austrian Military Personnel Sheets for Genealogy Research by Kate Challis and Greg Nelson
  • Jewish Genealogy 101 by Adina Newman
  • A Crash Course in Practical Genetic Genealogy by Adina Newman

Conference Workshops

  • Intro to Czech for Genealogy Research by Kate Challis  
  • Understanding Czech “Endings” Workshop by Anna Cookova  
  • Conversational Czech: Who Wants to be a Millionaire Style! By Anna Cookova
  • Discovering and Interpreting Family Artifacts (Part I) - Writing Workshop by Evelyn Funda
  • Tips for Writing about Family Artifacts (Part II) - Writing Workshop by Evelyn Funda  
  • Fashion Jewelry from Czech Glass Beads by Daniela Mahoney  
  • Traditional Glass Bead Ornaments by Rautis Company in Northern Bohemia by Daniela Mahoney
  • Egg Decorating by Daniela Mahoney  
  • Christmas Crafts & Traditions by Daniela Mahoney
  • Learning to Decipher the Old German Script – An Introduction by Antje Petty  
  • Working with Old German Documents by Antje Petty
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