Digital Library Spotlight: My Czech Cousins

Authored on
December 13, 2020

The CGSI Digital Library is a place where CGSI members can access thousands of books, published genealogies, webinars, finding aids, videos, maps, magazines/articles, and all the previously published issues of the CGSI journal, Naše rodina. 

Recently the following item was added to the Digital Library: 

My Czech Cousins

This 244-page genealogy and family history was completed as recently as 2016 after 17 years of research and centers around the author's paternal grandmother and her ancestors. The first 48 pages are general in nature, but provide a view of the environment that the Cerveny and associated families experienced first-hand. The family genealogies are presented in a standard format and comprise about 80% of this book.

Year Published: 



Leighton Kaloupek

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DL spotlight: My Czech Cousins