Free Online Source Spotlight: A Czech Pocket Dictionary

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Recently the following free source was highlighted in our Digital Library

A pocket dictionary of the English and Bohemian languages, with full pronunciation and accentuaton.

Volume 1 is English to Czech, Volume 2 is Czech to English. This resource is housed by the University of Iowa and was written in 1886 by František B. Zdrubek.


Why would I reference a dictionary written in 1886? The answer is quite simple: a living language changes over time. Words and definitions come into and go out of style. This dictionary can provide insights into terminology found in archive records and articles from the 19th century. specifically, terms around occupations and causes of death as examples.

This dictionary is provided through the Hathi Trust. You cannot download the full two volumes of the dictionary, but you can print and download specific pages. The two volumes are links provided at the bottom of the introductory page.

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