A List of the Free Royal Cities in Slovakia

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László Hudec was a Hungarian-Slovak architecture from the 19th century, and will be one of the subjects at our upcoming webinar on 30 January 2021 about Three Giants of Czech and Slovak Architecture.

Hudec was a from a town named Besztercebánya in Austria-Hungary. This town is now known as Banská Bystrica in Slovakia. It was one of only a handful of royal free cities, or "libera regiae civitas" in Latin. These are the most important cities in the Kingdom of Hungary because they were granted certain privileges by the King, including a measure of autonomy. They were pretty much the Hungarian equivalent to the Holy Roman Empire's Free and Imperial Cities.

Here is a list of the Free Royal Cities of Hungary which were located in what is now the present day Slovakia. As you can see, there aren't really that many!

Current English name Hungarian name
Banská Bystrica Besztercebánya
Banská Štiavnica Selmecbánya
Bardejov Bártfa
Bratislava Pozsony
Brezno Breznóbánya
Kežmarok Késmárk
Košice Kassa
Kremnica Körmöcbánya
Levoča Lőcse
Ľubietová Libetbánya
Modra Modor
Nová Baňa Újbánya
Pezinok Bazin
Prešov Eperjes
Sabinov Kisszeben
Skalica Szakolca
Trenčín Trencsén
Trnava Nagyszombat
Veľký Šariš Nagysáros
Zvolen Zólyom
Slovak Mountain