Looking for Hospodář Issues

Authored on
January 12, 2021

CGSI is in the process of digitizing as many issues of the magazine Hospodář as we can find. If you have issues, especially the oldest ones starting in the late 1800's, we need your help! The magazine is a cultural treasure and also a great source of genealogical information. Our goal is to begin posting the digitized issues in the CGSI Digital Library in the very near future. If you can help us find old issues, please do so now before they are lost forever! Contact Library@cgsi.org.

The Hospodář magazine was founded in Omaha, NE in 1890 by Jan Rosicky. The magazine is in Czech and focuses on farming practices, but typically about 2/3s of the way through each issue there will be letters posted by individual Czechs and Slovaks from all areas of the US. These articles cover a full range of stories from immigration encounters to farming practices to commentary on politics in the US and their former home. A key intent of the magazine was to assist immigrants in understanding the land, environment and farming practices leading to success in their new home.

Existing items in the CGSI Digital Library related to Hospodář:

 Hospodář items available in the CGSI Digital Library
Hospodář cover