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I recently shared a story of how I try to connect attendees at our annual family reunion with our shared genealogy.

One way I do this is by printing a family tree that measures two feet high and about 11 feet wide. It starts with the first family members who emigrated to the US and includes their six sons and all their descendants (that's us!).

large format family tree

Here is how I prepare this large format family tree:

Using my genealogy software (Legacy Family Tree), I generate a standard descendant chart. I customize the chart to make sure the formatting is correct. It helps to keep all of the "same generation" on the same horizontal level.

large format family tree layout

With the chart ready, I select Publish and save as a PDF.

large format family tree settings

To print this PDF, you'll need to get it to a printer or one of the office supply chains. Using a large format printer (which is commonly used for blueprints) this PDF will print on one sheet of large paper. You can either take the PDF into the store on a portable storage device, or upload via their website. Note that there is an option to print in color or black and white (I use black and white).

Printing a large format family tree is a great way to visually represent your family and engage others. I've found it helps people understand how they are connected to each other.

These are always a work in progress, so I supply pens/markers so people can write on the tree any details or questions that need to be added or followed up on.

This post written by Kevin Hurbanis.

large format family tree