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Slovak Mountain

A List of the Free Royal Cities in Slovakia

January 25, 2021
László Hudec was a Hungarian-Slovak architecture from the 19th century, and will be one of the subjects at our upcoming webinar on 30 January 2021 about…

Iranistan: everything you ever want, everything you ever need

January 22, 2021
Leopold Eidlitz (whose life and work will be discussed in…

How did house numbers work in the Czech lands?

January 19, 2021
An excellent resource for those just getting started in Czech genealogy is the Czech Genealogy for Beginners blog.…

"Did Catholics write their genealogies on the insides of their family bibles?"

January 18, 2021
I have personally wondered this, and posed this same question to many different people both in the United States and abroad.  It seems that the answer is, "Not traditionally, no. This is more of a…

Ano, I could have won half a million!

January 16, 2021
Any Who Wants to Be a Millionare? fans out there? J.D. Barton was thrown a basic question about the Czech word for "yes", and rather than go for the 500,000, instead he played it safe. Read more…
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Design for The 8th Continent

Slovak architect to speak at Jan. 30 webinar

January 15, 2021
Slovakia and the United States are separated by thousands of miles.  Slovak architect Lenka Petráková is hoping to make the waters that have historically connected us – the world’s oceans – a cleaner…
Tags: Slovak, Czech

National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library: January Exhibits

January 14, 2021
Czech spice container in the immigrant home, which you can tour as part of the permanent exchibit.  
Saint Vitus Saints

Saint Vitus Saints

January 13, 2021
If you've been to Prague, most likely you've been to St. Vitus Cathedral (I mean, it's rated #1 of 1,220 things to do in Prague on…
Hospodář cover

Looking for Hospodář Issues

January 12, 2021
CGSI is in the process of digitizing as many issues of the magazine Hospodář as we can find. If you have issues, especially the oldest ones starting in the late 1800's, we need your help!
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