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Naše rodina (Our Family) is the quarterly journal published by CGSI. Each issue contains multiple articles relating to genealogy, history, and culture. As a CGSI member, you have access to a digital copy of every issue published since 1989.


Read Issues of Naše rodina

There are several ways to view the current and all past issues of Naše rodina:

  • Most CGSI membership levels receive each printed issue quarterly, via standard postal mail, at their home address.
  • All CGSI members can view or download any issue of Naše rodina from the CGSI Digital Library. (Must be a logged-in member to access the Digital Library.)
  • Printed copies of all Naše rodina issues are available for purchase in CGSI's online Shop.

You can review an indexed list of over 30 years of published articles and their authors in the Naše rodina & Ročenka Index.

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Contribute Articles to Naše rodina

Naše rodina is a collaborative effort and your potential article submissions are welcome. CGSI accepts historical and cultural articles, but they must have genealogical significance and all are subject to editing. For more information on contributing, please visit Submit Articles for Naše rodina.

Sample articles:

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