Adding photos of family to maps and viewing places on maps historically

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I believe that at one of our conferences I saw a presentation on maps.  The presenter clicked on place of immigration, and then brought up a picture of how it looked many years ago.  I think this presentation also showed how you can connect your photos to map locations making genealogy more interesting to children. Can anyone tell me what app is used to do these things?  I have forgotten.



Hi Eunice,

I think you're referring to Lisa Louise Cooke's presentation about using Google Earth. I enjoyed that presentation too! Cooke is a professional genealogist, and her presentation was proprietary (so it won't be in our Digital Library). But the good news is you can find a version of the presentation on her youtube channel:

Hope that helps.



Hi Euncie,

You can go to Resources and then to the Digital Libary. Go to the filter type in Maps and Video, this will pull up all of the videos. You might find what you are looking for in the results.