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Hello.  I'm hitting a wall.  I'm trying to research Josef Filip (1819)/Magdalena (Čermáková)(1823).  Both were born in Radnice, West Bohemia.  I found a record indicating that they traveled to Chicago, via Bremen/Baltimore in April 22,1867 on the Bark Union.  However the Passenger List has them listed as Phillipp (passengers 234-240).  The family members are right and the ages are close.  The 1880 Census has them (as Phillippi) living in Chicago, without the daughters (one was married -as Philip/Bartos- in 1873).  I can't even find her actual marriage records.  I can't find them in the 1870 census.  I wish I could try and search the census based on addresses.  I don't know where else to look (directories aren't much help).  I've even tried to find churches, but a lot of them were built after the 1871 Chicago fire.  Can anyone help?  I'm running out of ideas.

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Good day.

Josef Filip is my GGGG uncle. Here is a link to their marriage record in Radnice: Marriage and parents in, Radnice RO 17, page 66.   and Josef's Birth:  in house 23.

I have done some research on the Filip line including visiting Radnice.  I will be happy to help.  My personal email is


Mike Svec


Hi Jim. It is totally possible to search the Federal Census in Cook Co. by the house. But it is rather involved.

1) First use the ward maps available to you on

Here is a link to the 1870 census map: you can zoom on the image.

2) Find the ward for where you think they were living. I have to use google maps sometimes to find where the streets are within the ward map because I am not completely familiar with street is relation to each other.

3) Now you wil BROWSE the 1870 census in Chicago. Find this page in Ancestry under search/federal census:

4) Use the drop down boxes on the right to locate Chicago and the the ward that you now know that they were living in in 1870.

5) You will click on the ward number and be brought to those pages.

6) Now you will have to manually search the ward to find your street name.

This is a lengthy process but highly rewarding.


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Hello Judi.  Thank you so much for responding.  Obtaining information like this is really helping my amateur status. :-)  Your information along with Iveta's help, I was able to find "Filip" in the 1870 Census.  However, the census doesn't show the street names :-(  It does show the Ward number and the house number as visited (not the actual house number).  I am trying to find a route map that might show how the census taker covered the ward (like a mail route map).  And I was able to find a Map of 1970 Chicago with the Wards and street names.  This might help you instead of looking at Google: Chicago | Library of Congress (  

Thank you again. Jim

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Hi Jim

If you can find a route map you will be way ahead of all the rest of us!  These things don't exist that I know of. Look through the entire ward? Things get foggier each year you go back! And 1870 is pretty far back. Happy hunting!


Hello Jim,

Please, check Ancestry website for Chicago, Cook Co., ILL, 1870 Census, by browsing, to find the page 173 of 576. Or type the name Pfhalip in the Search for record (1870 Census). The name is transcribed as Pfhalip and wife's name is listed as Lena. Is this your family? I ran a quick search by omitting the last name intentionally and searched only by first names and other indicators. Iveta B.

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Wow, thank you Iveta!  That must of taken time.  I am such an amateur at this stuff, but learning.  This looks possible.  I've seen "Lena" before, but Bertha is new.  I'm assuming Bertha should be Barbara, and her age is a little older.  The Lumber yard hand for the father is interesting since his son Joseph opens the Joseph Filip Lumber Yard in Chicago some time in the early 1900s.  Also, the 8th Ward is where it looks it looks like they lived in 1880.  In the 1870 Census, do you know if there is a way to determine where the house is located based on the dwelling number?

Thank you again for all your assistance.

Jim K