Virtual Cultural USA Road Trip

CGSI Symposium: Virtual Cultural USA Road Trip


Join CGSI for a two-day symposium of discovery across the USA to Czech, Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn cultural sites.

Saturday, October 29

10am - Noon Central
Carpatho-Rusyn Heritage Sites

  • 1st Stop Minnesota—The Iron Range and Twin Cities
  • 2nd Stop Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania
  • 3rd Stop Ohio and Cleveland Cultural Gardens
  • Q&A with Tour Guides: Mary Soroko, Karen Varian, Maria Silvestri, Anna Tombazzi and Barbara Popovich

1 - 3 pm Central
Slovak Heritage Sites

  • 4th Stop Cleveland Slovaks
  • 5th Stop Kansas City metro area & beyond
  • 6th Stop Slovak Heritage Festival and New Jersey Slovaks
  • 7th Stop Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania
  • Q&A with Tour Guides: John Sabol, Iveta Blahutova, Lisa Alzo, Marek Soltis and Martin Javor

4 pm  CGSI Annual Membership Meeting (Virtual)

Sunday, October 30

1 - 4 pm Central
Czech Heritage Sites

  • 8th Stop St. Louis Czechs
  • 9th Stop Texas Czechs
  • 10th Stop Cleveland Czechs
  • 11th Stop Lane Auto Museum, Nashville, TN –
  • Tour of large Tatra and Skoda car collection
  • 12th Stop The Czech Triangle/Czech Country Minnesota
  • Final Stop Wisconsin Czechs
  • Q&A with Tour Guides: Deborah Zeman, Kate Challis, John Sabol, Derek Moore, Fred Simon and Anna Cookova