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Vianočná pošta 2022 (Christmas Post Office) from Slovenská pošta (activity)

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Slovenská pošta brings you Vianočná pošta 2022 (Christmas Post Office) for children now through December 16 (activity)
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Available NOW through December 16, 2022

Have you managed to write to the infant Jesus (Ježiško) yet? Not yet? So hurry up to make it in time for Christmas! This year, you can send a postcard or letter to Ježiško with your secret wishes, greetings, or stories. Give your children or grandchildren a unique atmosphere of Christmas miracles and allow them to write a letter to infant Jesus through the Christmas mail courtesy of Slovenská pošta (Slovak Post).

Slovenská pošta has been organizing the Christmas Post Office project since 1999. The project is intended especially for children. It allows you to write a letter to Ježiško with your wishes or send him a drawing. Every year, children from all over Slovakia, and also from abroad, send thousands of letters to the special postal address "999 99  Ježiško" located in Slovakia. Santa will reply to each letter with a return name and address. The home of the Christmas Post Office (Vianočná pošta) is the Slovak Post Office located in Rajecká Lesná.

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How do you participate? You can send a letter or postcard via international postal mail to Slovakia Post:

1. Write your own letter or postcard to Ježiško. You can also add a drawing.

2. Use this postal mailing address on your envelope or postcard (note the special 999 99 postal code):

          Vianočná pošta 2022

          999 99  Ježiško


3. Be sure to include your address on the cover of the letter or postcard.

4. Affix the correct international postage to Europe.

5. Mail your letter or postcard from any mailbox.

6. Wait for an answer and a small gift from Ježiško. 

Send your Christmas greeting to this address by December 16, 2022.

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You can also send your message via a website postcard:

This year, too, you can take the opportunity to send Ježiško a postcard from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is choose a postcard with the "poslať Ježiškovi" (Mail to Ježiško) template at our website, write your message online, and place an order. The Slovak Post will print the postcard and deliver it to Ježiško for you for a small cost.

About Christmas mail
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Slovenská pošta has been organizing the exceptional Christmas Post project for 24 years. In 2021, more than 95,000 letters and postcards from 42 countries arrived at the address Ježiško 999 99, of which more than 32,000 postcards came through the application Among the letters, the most, up to 70,760, were in Slovak, of which 158 were from blind children, and 2,810 greetings came from abroad.

Complete information about the project can be found at our website or at our Facebook page.

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