Anna Moravec Rein birth location

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Please see F. A. G. # 130375172 , the lower picture.  I magnified it, and the location appears to be

Cine??si, Okres Melnik

I can't find anything like that nearby in Mapy, nor in


Al Hajny


Thank you for that.  I did a quick scan of the parish registers but didn't see them, but this will be a good starting point for that town and surroundings.


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Make sure that you check out the protestant records from the area. That is where I found my own relatives in Ctineves.

I put the picture in an image processor and "inverted" it, giving a negative image.  This way it clearly came out as Cinevsi.  The closest to this that I could find was Cineves, but this is in the Nymburk district.  So, I'm still looking.