Anna Pekar

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I’m helping a friend find her family information. Her grandmother, Anna Pekar was born June, 1892 in Lnare. Her parents’ names are Frantisek and Josefa Pekar.



The village of Lnare had its own parish church. You can find parish books for Lnare in the State Regional Archive in Trebon as far back as 1787. That website is here:

Prior to 1787 the parish for Lnare was Kasejovice. The records for that parish are in the State Regional Archive in Pilsen. For that archive look at this website:

Learn how to use the gazetteer available at so that you can always find which parish a village is in.


You have name, date, and place -- piece of cake from there.  Find Lnare on, then read the parish index for the parish Lnare was in.  Pekar was a common surname but your place name should get you there.