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I have original travel documents dated 1865 and 1866 for four people named Bouska and one Pokorny.  Including those listed on the back under "Mit diese__ reiset:" they cover 20 people.  I believe all are likely from Bohemia. One if them is for a George Bouska born in 1809.  I also have original US Citizenship papers for a Frank and George Bouska from 1887 and 1895 of Caledonia Wisconsin.  These are the left overs from my mothers genealogy research of her Bohemian roots.

I have no interest in them but it would be nice to get them to any descendants of these individuals.

I will be glad to send pics but they are old and faded and do not photograph at all well.





Hello Rob. There are more CGSI members who submitted the last name Bouska into the CGSI Surname Database. It would be great if they see your post, as these original documents might be invaluable to the family researchers!

Primarily, those with WI connection might be contacted (Bouska in WI in the surname database - their addresses are listed). It is also a great idea to scan the documents to preserve them as the originals deteriorate by time. I would like to add that it is nice of you that you would like to give them to the right hands. IB PS: Feel free to let me (us) know if you think we might help you any further in this effort.

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Hi Rob and yvegen,

I know a Bouska from Wisconsin. Have you found any descendants of the names you mentioned? I could pass along to my friend.