Bumbera & Dzmura Families

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I am re-posting the below in the hopes that cousin Patricia will contact me again. I have a lot of research to pass along to my Dzmura cousins. Hoping to hear from you, Barbara

Families: Bumbera, Dzmura, Rohal Author Name: Barbara [Bumbera] Nash Author Email: Posted: Tue, 02/10/2009 – 22:28 I have been very fortunate to find my paternal Bumbera ancestors [Trebisov]and Dzmura cousins [Livov area] through the LDS records and the assistance of a researcher in Kosice, Slovak Republic. Now I am hoping to find missing U.S. descendants. I would appreciate hearing from relatives and friends of the following families: Andy & Barbara Bumbera of Braddock, PA; John & Victoria [Baligrocky] Dzmura of Ohio/PA; Juliana [Dzmura] & Mike Mikita of Ohio with descendants in California; Bill & Anna Rohal of Ohio & California [may be related to a Dzmura wife. Thanks, Barbara