Circ 1890-1920 Last Names: Klanchar, Hocevar, or Sebalj. Seeking any information

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I know these individuals are from the Czechoslovakia region and that they would've been there in the late 19th/early 20th century

Agnes Sebalj (Sabaloj) (Maternal Great GMA) was brought into port in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but am having a hard time finding more information than that. 

Aloysius Klanchar (Klancar) (Maternal Great GPA) traveled to the United States at some point during this period. 

Hocevar is supposedly another family name that my GMA remembered hearing about. 

Any help greatly appreciated, as I haven't found any hits in the collections/research resources on here yet, and I've hit a dead end on Ancestry. 




Helo Luke, 

Just a quick glance on the names suggests if they are not perhaps from former Yugoslavia, such as Slovenia or Croatia. The best way to know for sure they are from former Czechoslovakia, is to locate them at the US Fed. Censuses 1900-1950. Read all columns (birthplace, language spoken at home, etc.). Try to find their so called first papers for naturalization or WWI or WWII Draft Reg. Card (if the birthplace is listed). You can check the website for any hints when you type their names under Search and Records, or MyHeritage website.

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