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How hard would it be to get ahold of these types of records?

Card Index of Citizens or Register of Citizens  Nuptial Protocols  Books of Banns  Books of Confrimees Parish Census Books  

I am looking for them in Rybnice and Lomnička (which is near the town of Plasy), Pláně (which is near Plasy as well).  Just trying to see what else is out there to look up that I haven't researched yet. 



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I found in the district archive records which may be considered church census.  Priests made them on periodic visits to parishoners.  The Latin term is status animarium. Not all made exist today.  They are like a running record of the occupants of a house  Names are added as those are born or move in house and dated and dated when occupant dies or marries and spouse added.  If moved, that is noted.  The one I have is dated from early 20th century.

I also found banns for marriages in the district that at one time were held by the local church.

I also found that with more records being digitized and going online, they have digitized many located at the regional archives, so maybe you can find records for the place of interest there.  You might want to ask the district archivist what records they hold that the regional archives had digitized.  Plasy is where the district archive is for that area but check to see if they hold records for the villages of your interest.  I know there is another district archive in Petrovice, since I have been to both.  My primary research is in that area covered by these district archives.

BTW, I believe all the extant census records which at one time were housed at the regional archives for that region have been digitized and are at the Plzen Archive website in their own category.