Denni Hlasatel Newspaper

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Looking for the ad in the Denni Hlasatel newspaper which would have been dated May 1943 or earlier.

Mildred was a mail order bride who came to Phillips to marry Frank Kaiser based on an ad in Denni Hlasatel newspaper.

Mildred arrived in Phillips, Wisconsin 3-4 months before she married. Frank and Mildred Kaiser were married 2 September 1943 in Price County Wisconsin.



Unfortunately, The Denni Hlasatels are only available in Salt Lake City, Springfield Illinois and up to the mid 30s at the U of MN in Minneapolis.
You might check with the Lincoln Library in Springfield to see if they have a researcher who would be willing to look for you.


It is quite strange if the bride came from Bohemia during WWII. Are you sure that she was not already in the USA?