Fukala family in Stonava CZ

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I am looking for my grandfathers family in Stonava, CZ. He came to America in 1907 at the age of 9 with his Mother, brother and sister. According to the 1910 census his father came here in 1903. His fathers name was Franz Fukala born in Stonava in 1872 or 1873 to Franz Fukala and Helena Feber I believe that the first Franz was born in 1844 to Bernard Fukala but I have not been able to find his birth record. My Grandfathers name was Alois Fukala but was changed to Louis Vogalla here in America. I believe his mother was from Poland her name was Therisa Wawrzyczek her father Franz Wawrzyczek and mother Anna Stirba. I am not sure where she was born. I would like to find living relatives if possible.